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"o ?+ we w n"e d at ! ,,nagdu ,9=m,n ,ta# is ask y = m"oy1 un.s we h a ra6le l we did ? ye> & we're sell+ ra6le tickets "!4 ,s :5 y /op 0! ,,nagdu ,9=m,n ,ta#1 m* z we love 6see yr smil+ face1 t does n make y a memb} (! divi.n4 ,regi/}+ at ! ,,nagdu ,9=m,n ,ta# is n ! same ?+ z regi/}+ = memb}%ip 9 ! divi.n4 ,: br+s me 6! second place we'd l y 6regi/}3 "r 2f ! f/ actual ,,nagdu meet+4 ,:5 y regi/} at ! meet+1 & y pay yr fifte5 doll>s1 & y tell u yr a4ress1 & y tell u 9 :at =mat y'd l 6rcv ,h>;s ,up1 !n1 & only !n1 >e y a memb} (! divi.n4 ,~! >e two sep>ate & 4t9ct regi/r,ns4 ,i say ? 2c at ! #bjjj ,3v5;n1 we _h s"eal p :o1 :5 x came "t 6regi/} at ! meet+1 9si/$ !y didn't h 6d t 2c !y _h alr /opp$ 0! ,,nagdu ,9=m,n ,ta# 9 ! lo2y (! ,m>riott4 ,? 0 an 9correct assump;n on _! "p4 ,if y want 6jo9 ! divi.n1 y m/ pay yr dues & regi/} at ! meet+4 ,?9k ( x ano!r way4 ,! ,,nfb has a ,f$},n ,9=m,n ,desk "?|t ! 3v5;n1 b j 2c y /op "! 6ask = assi/.e or :at"e1 t doesn't m1n y've regi/}$ = 3v5;n & b"| yr banquet ticket4 ,y hav5't d"o t till y've /ood 9 t l;g l9e & pd yr t5 doll>s1 plus m if y want a banquet ticket4 ,x's ! same ?+ ) ,,nagdu4 ,we want 6see y at ! ,,nagdu ,9=m,n ,ta#2 pl1se feel welcome "! any "t2 b 6jo9 ! divi.n1 y m/ pay yr dues & provide u ) yr a4ress & all t o!r gd /uff4 ,! ,see+ ,eye donat$ j ! absolutely cute/1 mo/ adora# ll ,labrador retriev} ,b1nie ,baby1 -plete ) 8 {n m9iature replica (a ,see+ ,eye h>;s & an a3ompany+ ,see+ ,eye mug1 96: he fits v nicely4 ,8 "n is ,luke4 ,no1 he's n "nd 9 honor ( ,see+ ,eye ,-mun;y ,9/ructor ,lukas ,franck1 z ,i _h ?"|2 ! ,b1nie ,baby p actu,y "nd hm ,luke4 ,app>5tly1 ,b1nie ,babies -e prenam$4 ,we ra6l$ hm (f z a ,,nagdu fundrais}4 ,we e>n$ two hundr$ eis 9 ticket sales & don,ns1 & 8 new mama is ,dana ,>d4 ,3gratul,ns1 ,dana1 & ?ank y1 ,dave ,l|x & ! ,see+ ,eye4 ,we _h a s}i|s crisis fac+ u ? ye> 9 ,,nagdu4 ,:at"e else use;l we d 9 ? divi.n1 & we w d a grt d1l1 solv+ ? "o is n{ & w 3t9ue 6be "r at ! top (! li/ 9 t}ms ( xs signific.e4 ,"! 0 a place 9 ,villa ,rica1 ,georgia1 n f> f ,atlanta1 call$ ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,pl1se r1d ! >ticle else": 9 ? issue4 ,"! is a movie call$ ,a ,cle> & ,pres5t ,dang}1 & ,i am n jok+ 9 ! l1/ :5 ,i say t t phrase says x all :5 y ?9k ( ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,can9e ,vi.n tri$ 6pass xf (f z a reputa# guide dog s*ool2 yet x fail$ 6meet ev5 m9imal /&>ds = tra9+ guide dog t1ms1 prep>,n ( 9/ructors1 & humane c>e ( dogs4 ,can9e ,vi.n pos$ a ?r1t 6! safety ( any"o :o us$ or :o *ooses 63t9ue 6use "o ( _! dogs4 ,can9e ,vi.n exploit$ ! bl = public;y purposes 9 a mann} : reflects ! k9d ( cu/odialism t we 9 ! ,f$},n h f"| 6/amp |4 ,ye>s ago1 ,dr4 ,j}nigan sd :5 sp1k+ (! ,n,nal ,a3r$it,n ,c|ncil = ,ag5cies ,s}v+ ! ,bl & ,visu,y ,h&icapp$ 7,,nac7 t we wd ei re=m ,,nac or kill x4 ,z hi/ory has %{n1 ,,nac 0 2y re=m1 & we >e well on ! way 6kill+ x4 ,! same situ,n exi/$ ) ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,pl1se r1d ! a3ompany+ >ticle & judge = yrvs4 ,"o ?+ is c}ta94 ,z s (t5 happ5s1 ! ,,nfb has l$ ! cavalry 9 ? fie appall$ 0"ey?+ ab ,can9e ,vi.n1 & five ( !m 9 "picul>3 ,guid+ ,eyes =! ,bl1 ,! ,see+ ,eye1 ,s|?ea/}n ,guide ,dogs1 ,guide ,dog ,f.d,n1 & ,guide ,dogs =! ,bl1 >e -+ 6! rescue ( ,can9e ,vi.n graduates1 evaluat+ ! t1ms1 provid+ retra9+ ": possi#1 & help+ graduates replace _! dogs :5 ! t1m _c 2 salvag$4 ,z ,i "u/& ! plan1 drawn up "u ,s|?ea/}n's l1d}%ip1 ea* graduate w rcv a sep>ate evalu,n f ! 9/ruc;nal /a6s ( two (! abv-"nd s*ools4 ,if bo? 9/ructors feel t ! t1m c 2 made safe1 &! graduate wi%es 6"ugo retra9+1 ! graduate w *oose : s*ool 6att5d4 ,if nei 9/ructor feels t ! t1m c 2 made safe1 ! graduate w 2 told ! tru?1 & c *oose ei 63t9ue us+ 8 or h} dog & assum+ all risks1 or 6get ano!r dog f an a3epta# s*ool ( 8 or h} *oice4 ,if only "o (! two s*ools evaluat+ ! situ,n feels ! t1m c 2 made safe1 t s*ool w (f} 6d ! retra9+4 ,9 any ev5t1 ,can9e ,vi.n graduates w n h _! dogs tak5 away ag/ _! w4 ,=! f/ "t 9 _! guide dog us+ exp}i;e1 !y w h ! *.e 6make a truly 9=m$ deci.n4 ,b 3sum}s _h ! hid & 6xs -mun;y1 & mak+ sure x 0 clos$ d{n4 ,i don't suppose ,i ne$ 6tell y : 3sum} gr|p act$2 "ey"o :o is a memb} ( ,,nagdu %d take pride 9 :at |r divi.n has d"o4 ,gigi & ,i spoke ) ,dr4 ,maur} dur+ 3v5;n1 & he promis$ ! full support (! ,,nfb4 ,he gave u ! gre5 li z we ne$$ 6g 9 9ve/igat+ ,can9e ,vi.n1 9 publiciz+ xs misconduct1 9 writ+ resolu;ns ag/ x1 9 do+ "ey?+ nec 6get ,can9e ,vi.n ei 6cl1n up xs act or close d{n4 ,! only ?+ ,dr4 ,maur} ask$ is t we sp1k & write only ! tru?1 & ? we absolutely h d"o & 9t5d 63t9ue 6d4 ,z ,dr4 ,j}nigan has s (t5 sd1 8,we want no /rife or 3front,n1 b we w d :at we h 6d40 ,z ,i ?9k y w see f ! a3ompany+ >ticle1 ,s,y ,sue ,bradley1 ! ,f.d} & ,executive ,director ( ,can9e ,vi.n1 absolutely refus$ 6"w ) ,,nagdu despite num}|s attempts on |r "p 6get h} 6d s4 ,%e al refus$ 6li/5 6any profes.nals f e/abli%$ s*ools :o rep1t$ly attempt$ 6help h} improve ! qual;y ( h} program4 ,we 9 ! ,n,nal ,f$},n (! ,bl absolutely 9si/ on hav+ a voice 9 all matt}s a6ect+ ! bl4 ,ag5cies : purport 6s}ve ! bl _c op}ate 9 a vacuum4 ,if we c get !m 6behave responsibly 0negoti,n & $uc,n1 !n1 ( c|rse1 we w d t4 ,:5 ? is n possi#1 we w use all legal m1ns at |r 4posal1 9clud+ ac;n 9 ! press & 9 ! c|rts :5 appropriate1 6see t !y ei improve _! 3duct or1 if nec1 close d{n4 ,x's z simple z t4 ,mrs4 ,bradley %d n h d|bt$ |r resolve4 ,can9e ,vi.n is n{ clos$ d{n1 &! p}sonal safety &! public image ( bl p >e bett} = x4 ,n{ a note on ano!r topic4 ,z ~? :o att5d$ ! ,sun"d ev5+ meet+ ( ,,nagdu w rememb}1 ,dr4 ,zabor{ski & ,mr4 ,gashel came 6sp1k 6! divi.n ab ! ,f$},n's ,capital ,campaign4 ,dana ,>d made a mo;n t we 3sid} giv+ a don,n1 z a divi.n1 only if we cd 2 assur$ t "! wd 2 a dog reliev+ >ea on ! gr.ds (! facil;y s t p wdn't h 6cross ! /reet1 z !y d n{1 6g 6a c;y p>k1 "d or nis ov} five ye>s1 b bo? mo;ns 7 ev5tu,y )drawn4 ,mr4 ,gashel & ,dr4 ,zabor{ski sd !y'd make sure t ! idea ( 3/ruct+ a dog relief >ea at l1/ gets look$ 9to4 ,we 5d$ ! 4cus.n :5 |r visitors sd t _! 9t5;n _h n be5 6ask ! divi.n directly =a don,n4 ,r1 !y 7 visit+ all ! divi.ns1 us+ ! divi.n meet+s z "o m m1ns ( mak+ memb}s aw>e (! ,capital ,campaign & urg+ !m 6?9k s}i|sly ab _! {n 9dividual pl$ges4 ,lat}1 at ! banquet1 "ey"o 9 att5d.e 0 9vit$ 6make pl$ges 6! ,capital ,campaign4 ,folks 7 %|t+ | ! am.ts !y wi%$ 6give1 & ,dr4 ,maur} 0 rep1t+ !m f ! h1d ta#4 ,$ & ,toni ,eames gave a p}sonal pl$ge1 6be us$ 63/ruct a dog relief >ea on ! gr.ds (! ,f$},n's prop}ty4 ,? pl$ge 0 9correctly cr$it$ 6,,nagdu1 & man1 did ,i he> ab x6 ,p h be5 call+ me want+ 6"k :y ,i au?oriz$ a pl$ge f ,,nagdu :5 we n"e vot$ 6d x4 ,well1 gd p1 ,i didn't4 ,fur!rmore1 ,i wdn't4 ,p}son,y1 ,i happ5 6agree t we ne$ a relief >ea on ! ,f$},n's prop}ty4 ,b my p}sonal op9ion doesn't matt}4 ,my ac;ns z ,presid5t repres5t ? divi.n4 ,s ,i am correct+ ! }ror1 bo? "h & 9 ! ,monitor4 ,! pl$ge 0 f ! ,eameses1 n f ,,nagdu4 ,ag1 ,i 9vite "eybody 63sid} :at y p}son,y >e go+ 6d ) respect 6! ,capital ,campaign1 b ! divi.n w n 2 mak+ a pl$ge f divi.n funds un.s y vote 6h x s4 ,i w 3clude ? message on a p}sonal note4 ,i 3t9ue 6"w 6try 6get well af my fall 9 a manhole 9 ! p>k acr ! /reet f ! ,n,nal ,c5t} =! ,bl 9 ,baltimore 9 ,febru>y4 ,h{"e1 z ,i write ? on ,octob} #bd1 ,i h exp}i;ed "s m$ical setbacks1 & am n{ giv5 a #ej-ej *.e ( walk+ & /&+ )|t pa9 & )|t do+ fur!r damage4 ,"!=e1 if ,i'm "e go+ 6use a guide dog ag1 ,i came 6! 3clu.n t ,i wd h 6le>n 6use a guide dog :ile "w+ f a :eel*air4 ,? / seems a bit h>d = me 6believe3 ,i actu,y took a six-mile walk ) ,ca4o j 2f my a3id5t2 b 9 ? life1 y h 6d1l ) ?+s z !y >e1 n z !y w}e1 & n z y hope or wi% !y wd be4 ,my dog ,ca4o1 :om ,i _h j gott5 a ye> ago foll{+ |r #aiii 3v5;n1 has be5 bo>d$ & "w$ = me at ,! ,see+ ,eye4 ,! only guide dog s*ool 9 ? c.try t tra9s dogs 6"w ) bl p 9 :eel*airs is ,s|?ea/}n ,guide ,dogs1 ,9c41 9 ,florida4 ,i spoke at grt l5g?1 _m "ts1 6repres5tatives f bo? s*ools4 ,i got repres5tatives f bo? s*ools 6talk 6ea* o!r4 ,! up%ot is t ,s|?ea/}n is tra9+ ,ca4o 6guide me us+ an electric :eel*air4 ,ca4o >riv$ "! on ,july #be1 & he has be5 do+ fabul|sly6 ,:5 ,i ?9k (! dep? &! ext5t ( ,s|?ea/}n's g5}os;y 9 do+ ?1 x ov}:elms me4 ,s|?ea/}n wd h be5 p}fectly )9 _! "r 6say1 8,sorry4 ,ca4o wasn't tra9$ 0u4 ,we'll tra9 y ) "o ( |r dogs1 b we're n try+ 6evaluate a dog f "s": else40 ,b !y didn't say t4 ,!y h be5 mo/ graci|s4 ,!y've giv5 hm "o ( _! be/ dogs z a k5nel mate 6play )4 ,ironic,y1 8 curr5t playmate's "n is ,bu4y4 ,s9ce ,ca4o 0 orig9,y tra9$ at ,! ,see+ ,eye1 ? is fitt+1 s9ce ! f/ dog ,! ,see+ ,eye put | 9 #aibi 0 "nd ,bu4y4 ,z x turns |1 6add 6! irony1 ! ,s|?ea/}n support} :o sponsor$ ,ca4o's playmate ,bu4y1 :o is a male ,lab1 al sponsor$ a female "nd ,bu4y1 bo? 9 honor ( ! ,see+ ,eye's ,bu4y6 ,if ,ca4o passes ! tra9+1 ,i w g 6,s|?ea/}n = #bf "ds ( class1 plus1 !y w s5d an 9/ructor home 6,dallas ) me = two 6f|r a4i;nal weeks ( fur!r tra9+4 ,z ( n{1 x looks z ?|< ,i w 2 9 ! class : 2g9s on ,janu>y #h1 #bjja4 ,! o!r amaz+ ?+ ,s|?ea/}n is do+ is t !y >e "w+ )a :eel*air manufactur} 6provide me1 at no *>ge1 )a motoriz$ :eel*air = z l;g z ,i ne$ x4 ,ca4o & ,i w 2 ! f/ guide dog t1m 6graduate f two s*ools dur+ ! "w+ rel,n%ip4 ,p *ange s*ools all ! "t1 =a v>iety ( r1sons1 b !y get a di6}5t dog f ea* s*ool4 ,ca4o & ,i1 on ! o!r h&1 w 2 3sid}$ active graduates ( two s*ools at once6 ,t's k9d ( special6 ,i'll 2 gett+ newslrs f bo? s*ools1 etc4 ,b :at is al awe"s is t ? op5s ! door1 ,i hope1 6m s* co-op},n 2t s*ools4 ,i h spok5 6f|r p 9 ! pa/ mon? al"o :o h be5 bl f bir? or e>ly *ildhood & :o1 lat} 9 adult life1 su6}$ a3id5ts or ill;ses : h made x nec = !m 6use :eel*airs4 ,all ( !m _h us$ guide dogs 2f ne$+ :eel*airs4 ,all ( !m despair$ ( "e rega9+ 9dep5d5t mobil;y )a guide dog ag4 ,:5 ,i told !m ab ,s|?ea/}n1 !y d>ed 6hope ag4 ,! sad ?+ is t if ,i _h n alr "kn "? a fr ( m9e :o w5t 6,s|?ea/}n t !y tra9 dogs 6"w ) bl p 9 :eel*airs1 ,i wd n"e h call$ !m2 ,i did n get ? 9=m,n f/ f ,! ,see+ ,eye4 ,h{ _m bl p >e | "! ) multiple 4abilities :o cd b5efit f us+ a guide dog b :o don't "k ! opportun;y exi/s8 ,i hope "ey"o has a grt autumn & t w9t} is n too unk9d 6y4 ,z hot z x 0 9 ,dallas ? pa/ summ}1 ,i c't ev5 imag9e ! exi/;e ( w9t}1 b x w 2 "h 2f we "k x4 ,i'll *at ) y ag 9 ! spr+ issue4 ,until !n1 may y all h a v joy|s & b.s$ holi"d s1son4 ,give yr furry frs a pat = me4 ,$itor's ,notes 0,eug5ia 7,gigi7 ,fir?1 ,$itor ,mo/ ( y "k me z ! ,secret>y ( yr divi.n4 ,presid5t ,:al5 has appo9t$ me al z ! $itor ( ,h>;s ,up4 ,i am glad 6s}ve z yr $itor1 & ,i hope y 5joy ~! >ticles4 ,if y wi% 6submit >ticles = ,h>;s ,up1 ,i am equipp$ 6a3ept !m 9 any =mat y c>e 6use except h&writt5 pr9t4 ,-put} disks >e mo/ welcome 2c ,i w n h 69put yr >ticle 0h&4 ,al1 y may s5d >ticles 6me 0;,e-mail z well4 ,my ,e-mail a4ress is fir?g@prim5et4com4 ,my home a4ress is #ajai ,m>t9ique1 ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbc4 ,i look =w>d 6r1d+ yr >ticles4 ,z ,suzanne sd1 don't 2 %y6 ,we're all frs "h1 & y only h 6be an exp}t on yr {n dog4 ,elizabe? ,campbell1 "o ( |r memb}s1 _h a gd idea4 ,%e propos$ t we f1ture1 9 e issue ( ,h>;s ,up1 a column call$ ,,:at ,,d ,,y ,,d ,,:58 ,s9ce ,i ?9k ? is a wond};l idea1 "o : wd b5efit |r memb}s1 ,i'm go+ 6/>t ! ball roll+ ) ? issue ( ,h>;s ,up4 ,i wrote an >ticle = |r new column on reliev+ pro#ms ) my dog1 ,dolly & :at ,i did 6solve ~? pro#ms4 ,al? ,i h be5 "w+ guide dogs = ?irty-"o ye>s1 ,i don't claim 6"k "ey?+ "! is 6"k on ? subject or any?+ else4 ,h{"e1 ,i hope :at ,i've writt5 "h w give "s"o else exp}i5c+ ! same pro#ms ) _! dog an idea = d1l+ ) x4 ,let me give y "s possi# topics we miticles 9 ! column on sni6+1 4tractibil;y1 scav5g+1 4c|rag+ pett+ & o!r =ms ( 9t}f};e1 & o!r topics : ,i hav5't ?"| ( yet4 ,i ne$ z m* help z ,i c get 69=m |r memb}s ab "w+ issues4 ,"s ( y on |r li/ write wond};l po/s all ! "t on subjects a6ect+ guide dog use4 ,let's let o!rs b5efit :o c't jo9 |r li/4 ,,:at ,,d ,,y ,,d ,,:5 ''' ,,p>k+ ,,pro#ms8 0,eug5ia ,fir? ,! t}m 8p>k10 = ~? ( y non-,see+ ,eye graduates1 is ,see+ ,eye l+o =! relief >ea4 ,ov} ! ye>s1 ,i h us$ ! t}m z bo? a n|n &a v}b4 ,i p}son,y l ! t}m bett} ?an 8! relief >ea10 s ,i'll use x "?|t ? >ticle4 ,s"eal p h ask$ me ab _! dogs' p>k+ pro#ms & :at !y "| 6d ab !m4 ,hav+ rec5tly be5 "? p>k+ pro#ms ) my new dog1 ,dolly1 let me tell y :at ,i did 6resolve !m4 ,i "k ! fru/r,n ? pro#m c 5g5d} 9 ! h>ri$ ma/} or mi/ress4 ,let me 2g9 0describ+ ,dolly's p>k+ pro#ms4 ,:ile ,i 0 9 ,morri/{n1 %e didn't h any4 ,:5 ,i got home1 h{"e1 ?+s develop$ t 7 n pl1s+ 6me at all4 ,:5 ,i f/ tri$ 6take h} (f ! l1% /age two weeks af return+ home1 %e />t$ pres5t+ me ) pu4les on ! floor4 ,%e />t$ do+ ? :5"e ,i wasn't pay+ close 5 att5;n 6h} or :5 %e 0 excit$ 0play & 0new p -+ 9 ! door4 ,al1 :5 we 7 9 ! p>k1 %e absolutely wdn't g4 ,we al _h a few numb} two a3id5ts 9 h>;s1 especi,y t{>d ! 5d (! "w+ "d if we did too m* walk+4 ,ne$.s 6say1 ,i wasn't pl1s$ 0? turn ( a6airs1 b al ,i _h be5 "? ~! same pro#ms ) my o!r dogs4 ,i />t$ | 0do+ all ! ?+s t ,i _h d"o ) my o!r dogs4 ,i re/rict$ h} freedom = z m* z a week4 ,i /ay$ | 9 ! p>k =a l;g "t 6give h} z m* opportun;y z possi#4 ,i made h} walk >.d 6keep h} f 5joy+ ! sik+ job ov}4 ,"? all ( t1 ,i tri$ 6rema9 pati5t4 ,af a :ile1 ,i />t$ call+ ,! ,see+ ,eye 6see if !y _h any ideas ,i _hn't ?"| ( try+4 ,i 0 told 6be sure & keep ! fru/r,n | ( my voice or else ,i'd make ! pro#m worse4 ,i decid$ ! usual proc$ure1 :5"e yr dog has violat$ h|sebr1k+ rules1 %d 2 foll{$4 ,? m1nt t1 :5"e ,dolly _h an 9discre;n 9 ! h|se1 ,i'd puni% h} z m* z ,i d>ed & !n take h} immly 6p>k4 ,( c|rse1 %e seldom produc$ any?+ | "! 2c %e _h alr d"o x4 ,h{"e1 x 0 nec 6take h} "! 6relay ! message t ! h|se 0 n ! p>k4 ,i'm sure h} puppy rais} _h tau4 ,s9ce ,i 0 sp5d+ a lot ( "t 9 ! p>k ) no results1 ,i decid$ 6=ce ,dolly 6p}=m | 9 ! p>k4 ,s %e wd produce 5 liquid = h} numb} #a1 ,i />t$ a4+ a grt d1l ( wat} 6h} food4 ,if y h a f9icky eat}1 ? proc$ure won't "w1 b ,dolly dotes on h} food & w eat x reg>d.s ( :at ,i d 6x4 ,i h f.d t if ,i d ?1 ,i m/ take h} | twice 9 ! morn+ 2f ,i g 6"w4 ,h{"e1 x al has spe$$ up h} p>k at lun*"t4 ,2f ?1 ,i 0 sp5d+ half my lun* p}iod 9 ! p>k4 ,63trol h} numb} #b a3id5ts1 ,i f.d ,i absolutely ne$$ 6monitor :at %e 0 putt+ |4 ,i det}m9$1 af obs}v+ h} usual s*$ule1 t ,dolly ne$$ 6g twice a "d on "ds :5 %e 0 "w+4 ,i only _h 6d ? a few "ts1 b ,i ne$$ 6d a proc$ure : a lot ( p call mat*+4 ,= ~? ( y :o don't "k1 ? 9volves 9s}t+ ei mat*es or ,q-tips 9 ! same loc,n a vet uses = tak+ yr dog's temp}ature4 ,i l 6use ,q-tips 2c !y >e s(t}1 & ,i d ? proc$ure v sl{ly s ,i'll "k if ,i'm hurt+ my dog4 ,if y use ,q-tips1 y ne$ 6use two4 ,? me?od has ! desir$ e6ect ( op5+ ! prop} muscle & lett+ y 3trol ": yr dog goes4 ,"s ( ~! new dogs >e "u a grt d1l ( /ress1 s !y t5d 6ti.d 9 ! p>k 5 6get ?+s go+4 ,al1 ,i h f.d t 0a4+ ! wat} 6h} food1 %e w d bo? on ! second trip | 6! p>k4 ,9 ! pa/1 ,i h *ang$ my dog's diet 63trol numb} #b a3id5ts 9 h>;s4 ,dolly1 h{"e1 is alr eat+ a premium food1 ,iams *unks4 ,"!=e1 ,i decid$ t ? "t a diet *ange 0 n go+ 6"w4 ,x did "w ) my second dog & ) my fif? dog1 ,bianca4 ,) ,bianca1 ,i al did ! two p>k trips 9 ! morn+1 once :5 ,i f/ got up & !n ag j 2f l1v+ = "w4 ,n{ let me a4ress ano!r issue1 correc;n = p>k 9discre;ns 9 h>;s4 ,my second dog1 a few "ts 9 h} "w+ c>e}1 0 notori|s = walk+ & empty+ at ! same "t4 ,back !n1 ,i us$ 6give sev}e correc;ns = empty+ 9 h>;s4 ,h{"e1 ,i no l;g} give sev}e correc;ns = ? lapse4 ,i 0 sitt+ 9 a ,,nagdu meet+ s"eal ye>s back :5 ,brad ,scott a4ress$ ! gr|p 3c}n+ empty+ a3id5ts4 ,he po9t$ | 6! gr|p t1 if y gave sev}e correc;ns = ?1 yr dog wd />t walk+ & go+ at ! same "t4 ,:at he sd made s5se 6me4 ,un"k+ly1 ,i _h 5c|rag$ my second dog 6d ? 0my ac;ns4 ,o3a.n,y1 ev5 ?|< ,i h foll{$ ! proc$ures li/$ abv1 ,dolly / f9ds x nec 6g4 ,? is especi,y true dur+ a l;g walk 9 ! nein$1 2c ,i h giv5 h} "s voice correc;n1 6give me a signal s t ,i w "k %e is 9 4tress4 ,f/1 %e /ops su45ly = no r1son at all4 ,:5 ,i get h} go+ ag1 %e does x ag a few feet fur!r d{n ! sidewalk4 ,usu,y1 ,i get ! po9t ! ?ird "t1 & ,i take h} h>;s (f4 ,0! way1 ,i alw take my dog's h>;s (f = p>k+ s t %e gets ! message t we m/ /op & h x remov$ f/ 2f %e is all{$ 6take "t (f4 ,i 2lieve ? proc$ure helps 64c|rage a3id5ts 9 h>;s z well4 ,x's a gd idea 63trol ! p>k+ s*$ule yrf z m* z possi# 9/1d ( hav+ yr dog 63trol x4 ,can9e ,h1l? 0,dolores ,holle1 ,,vmd ,ov}com+ ,obes;y 7,repr9t$ f ,! ,see+ ,eye ,guide1 ,w9t} #bjjj47 ,n{ t ! holi"d s1son has pass$ _m ( u 2g9 6?9k s}i|sly ab |r wai/l9es6 ,:ile we're at x1 we mi?ritis & /ress-9duc$ knee 9juries4 ,o!r pro#ms 9clude respiratory ail;ts1 9cr1s$ surgical risk1 & h1t 9tol}.e4 ,obes;y c 2 a result ( hypo?yroidism1 b ! mo/ -mon cause is simply eat+ too m* & n ex}cis+ 54 ,does ? s.d at all famili>8 ,we humans face ! v same issues4 ,if y r1lize t yr dog is ov}weiian )9 six mon?s1 take hm 9 =a -plete physical exam 6rule | o!r causes ( weit+ a diet4 ,! keys 6weie diet>y manage;t & adequate ex}cise4 ,don't expect 9/antane|s results4 ,dep5d+ on h{ ov}weiian c tell y :at ! goal wei diet or swit* gradu,y 6a reduc$ calorie diet4 ,reduc+ ! regul> diet may 2 all t is nec if yr dog is only a c|ple ( p.ds ov}weie _m qual;y -m}ci,y prep>$ diets on ! m>ket4 ,am;g ~! >e ,hills-r/d1 ,eukanuba's ,re/rict$ ,calorie & ,pur9a's ,,cnm ,om ,=mula4 ,once yr dog has a*iev$ 8 desir$ goal1 y mie "p ( yr dog's daily r|t9e1 b if y feel t}ribly guilty ab elim9at+ !m y d h op;ns4 ,replace tr1ts ) pieces ( diet kib#1 subtract ! calorie 3t5t (! tr1t f ! calorie 3t5t ( 8 m1l1 or replace fatty tr1ts ) raj vegeta# snacks4 ,z y may "k f p}sonal exp}i;e1 x's di6icult 6lose weiy & sp5ds mo/ ( 8 snu7l$ asleep "u yr desk1 ext5d+ yr daily trips or a4+ a4i;nal r|tes w grtly improve ! *.es ( r1*+ ! desir$ weiticle 0 previ|sly publi%$ 9 ,dog ,_w1 ,m>*1 #bjjj47 ,9 ? ye> ( #bjjj1 bo? ( u w celebrate ! fif? anniv}s>ies ( "pn}%ip ) |r ,gold5 ,retriev} guide dogs ,e*o & ,escort4 ,tra9$ at ,l1d} ,dogs =! ,bl 9 ,ro*e/}1 ,mi*igan1 !y 7 br"| 6u = home tra9+ 0!n ,director ( ,tra9+1 ,brad ,scott4 ,al? |r c>e}s z advocates1 writ}s & lectur}s h tak5 u 6m ?an two doz5 /ates 9 ! la/ few ye>s1 ,brad's em}g+ c>e} pa? took hm half way >.d ! _w 6,asia4 ,foll{+ 8 resign,n f ,l1d} ,dogs 9 ! fall ( #aiig1 ,brad emb>k$ on an excit+ new v5ture4 ,! ,samsung ,guide ,dog ,s*ool =! ,bl 9 ,s|? ,korea1 hir$ hm z a 3sultant 6ov}see & prep>e _! fl$gl+ guide dog tra9+ program4 ,samsung1 "o (! l>ge/ corpor,ns 9 ,korea1 is 9volv$ 9 _m animal-relat$ -mun;y activities & programs b5efit+ ! m ?an #db million ,kor1n citiz5s4 ,am;g ~! >e a ,se>* & ,rescue ,dog8 tra9+ facil;y1 a 0,pet ,!rapy ,program8 &a 0,s}vice ,dog8 tra9+ program = physic,y 4a#d ,kor1ns4 ,9 ! e>ly #ijs ,samsung repres5tatives t|r$ "s (! guide dog programs 9 ! ,unit$ ,/ates1 & !n e/abli%$ a tra9+ c5t} 9 #aiic4 ,"s f>m build+s on ! |tskirts ( ,se|l 7 3v}t$ 96(fice space1 k5nels & dormitory rooms4 ,s"eal employees (! corpor,n 7 select$ 69itiate an appr5tice%ip program4 ,two recruits 7 s5t 6,new ,z1l& = tra9+ & f|r o!rs rema9$ 9 ,se|l 6be sup}vis$ 0an exp}i;ed ,am}ican tra9} hir$ = t purpose4 ,s9ce ,samsung 0 apply+ = memb}%ip 9 ! ,9t}n,nal ,f$},n ( ,guide ,dog ,s*ools 7,,ifgds71 x ne$$ an exp}i;ed tra9} on /aff4 ,af ! f/ ,am}ican tra9}'s 3tract 5d$1 ,brad 0 hir$ 63t9ue 6/e} ,samsung t{>d xs goal ( memb}%ip 9 ? organiz,n e/abli%$ 6develop & ma9ta9 uni=m /&>ds ( qual;y guide dog tra9+ "?|t ! _w4 ,on ,brad's 9itial trip 6,korea 9 ,febru>y #aiih1 he 5c.t}$ a major case ( culture %ock4 ,8 h|s+ 0 9 an >ea f> remov$ f visit+ t|ri/s & 9 ! c|rse ( 8 six week /ay he only _h f|r 5c|nt}s ) non-,kor1ns4 ,a ,samsung employee :o spoke ,5gli% 0 assign$ 6hm dur+ 8 "w+ s*$ule1 b dur+ m* (! "t he 0 on 8 {n4 ,z a -mitt$ -put} us}1 he sp5t a lot ( "t correspond+ 0;e-mail ) 8 family1 ! two ( u & o!r frs4 ,/ruck 0! cultural di6};es1 ,brad recogniz$ guide dog tra9+ _h 6be modifi$ 6fit ! ,kor1n life/yle4 ,s9ce _m ,kor1ns sleep on ! floor1 frequ5t groom+ 0 5c|rag$ 6limit dog hair at home & 9 hotels4 ,dogs _h 6be hiy sav+ grace 0 a ne>by ,h>dy's : s}v$ hamburg}s & ,fr5* fries4 ,)! language b>ri}1 he gave up on1 0,hold ! lettuce & tomatoes68 ,f 8 f/ exposure 6! program1 ,brad 0 /ruck 0! hi< level ( tra9+ rcvd 0! dogs4 ,tra9}s 7 tot,y d$icat$ 6_! "w & 3/antly look+ 6,brad = m 9=m,n & m 9/ruc;n4 ,9/1d (! usual f|r mon? tra9+ p}iod f.d 9 ! ,unit$ ,/ates1 ,kor1n dogs tra9$ = six 6eie held1 & 0 "s:at emb>rass$ :5 e "t he _h "s?+ 6say1 ! f|r appr5tices br"| | _! notebooks & make copi|s 5tries4 ,at ! />t (! program 9 #aiic1 suita# guide dog c&idates & bre$+ /ock 7 obta9$ f ! ,new ,z1l& guide dog s*ool4 ,"o (! hurdles fac$ 0! ,samsung tra9+ /aff & bl /ud5ts 0 ! public's reac;n 6l>ge bre$ dogs4 ,toy dogs & o!r small bre$s h 2come v popul> 9 ,korea1 & _m p c>ry _! pets ) !m 96/ores1 malls & o!r public places4 ,p 7 fasc9at$ 0! 6!m l>ge yell{ ,labradors & ,labrador/,gold5 crosses us$ 9 ! guide dog program4 ,:}"e ,brad1 ! tra9}s & /ud5ts travel$1 l>ge cr{ds ( onlook}s ga!r$ 6wat* !m "w4 ,despite lack ( a3ess laws1 guide dogs 7 a3ept$ 9 re/aurants & /ores & on public transport,n4 ,brad su7e/$ t ) all (! public $uc,n & hi/ory ( guide dog use 9 ,am}ica1 ,l1d} ,dog graduates _h m a3ess pro#ms ) re/aurants & %ops ?an did _! ,s|? ,kor1n c.t}"ps4 ,guide dogs 9 ,korea "w "u t|< 3di;ns4 ,": "! >e sidewalks1 frequ5tly !y >e n>r{ & extremely 3ge/$4 ,s9ce p>k+ 9 ! c;y is at a premium1 c>s >e p>k$ ext5d+ 969t}sec;ns & p$e/rian crosswalks4 ,"s"ts !y >e ev5 p>k$ on ! sidewalks4 ,9 "s suburban >eas "! >e wide sidewalks ) easy /reet cross+s4 ,9 o!r >eas1 build+s jut | 6! roadside1 dit*es l9e ! side (! road & tra6ic1 9clud+ h1vy trucks1 moves al;g at hi< spe$s4 ,:ile ,brad walk$ ~! r|tes ) 8 he>t 9 8 m|?1 ! dogs1 tra9}s & /ud5ts h&l$ ~! 3di;ns ) aplomb6 ,ano!r *all5ge fac$ 0! ,kor1n guide dog is ! l>ge numb} ( /ray & unl1%$ dogs 9 _m neie a s+le k5nel4 ,k5nel mates >e rotat$1 s all ! dogs le>n 6tol}ate all ! o!rs 9 resid;e4 ,brad describ$ walks ": "! 7 s _m loose dogs x 0 impossi# 6%oo !m all away4 ,6his delid$ ! yipp+ critt}s runn+ >.d !m & ma9ta9$ _! 3c5tr,n on ! "w 6be d"o4 ,an >ea 9 : ,brad focus$ 8 att5;n 0 ! selec;n ( suita# bl applicants1 *oos+ ! mo/ appropriate dogs = !m1 ov}see+ ! t1m tra9+ process & "w+ on afc>e visits4 ,) ov} #bjj applicants = dogs1 ! /aff c 2 selective 9 a3ept+ /ud5ts )a hi< level ( ne$ &a gd *.e ( su3ess4 ,9 "o class ( f|r sup}vis$ 0,brad1 two wom5 7 college /ud5ts1 ano!r a massage !rapi/ & "o a busi;s {n}4 ,9 ano!r all male class he sup}vis$1 "o /ud5t 0 a =tune tell}1 ano!r an acupuncturi/ & ano!r a massage !rapi/4 ,9 ,korea1 l "s o!r ,asian c.tries1 massage !rapy is an o3up,n only op5 6bl p4 ,r1liz+ ! su3ess ( t1m tra9+ 0 frequ5tly bas$ on 9itial exp}i;es ( graduates :5 !y return$ home f s*ool1 ,brad 9itiat$ a program ( imm foll{ up4 ,)! l>ge numb} ( 9/ructors = ea* class1 graduates 7 a3ompani$ home 0a tra9} :o sp5t a m9imum ( ?ree "ds "w+ on famili> r|tes4 ,? imm po/-class foll{ up is a model 2+ adopt$ 0_m memb}s ( ! ,,ifgds4 ,foll{+ ,brad's f|r? & f9al visit1 ! ,samsung ,guide ,dog ,s*ool =! ,bl 0 evaluat$ 0,,ifgds & a3ept$ 96full memb}%ip4 ,brad1 :o is n{ "w+ = ! ,see+ ,eye ( ,morri/{n1 ,new ,j}sey1 z a mid-,we/}n ,regional ,repres5tative1 looks back ) grt pride 9 8 role ( help+ ? program meet ! hi< /&>ds dem&$ 0! ,9t}n,nal ,f$},n4 ,he al has fond memories (a d$icat$ tra9+ /aff & corpor,n -mitt$ 6provid+ bl ,kor1ns ) grt} 9dep5d;e1 safety &a bett} qual;y ( life "? 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( xs b.d>ies4 ,hav+ -plet$ h} task1 %e return$ 6! /airs & ef=t.sly glid$ back 96h} wat}y hav54 ,h} message 0 l|d & cle> 6me3 y h n"e all{$ yr bl;s 69t}f}e ) yr abil;y 6foll{ yr dr1ms1 & adopt+ yr attitude ( 9dep5d;e1 ,i too c pursue my pas.ns6 ,,! ,,5d ,,( ,! ,,vi.n ,$itorial 0,suzanne ,:al5 & ,eug5ia ,fir? ,review$ 0,k>la ,we/john1 ,attorney ,at ,law ,villa ,rica1 ,georgia1 is a quiet c.try t{n4 ,z if 9 keep+ )! tranquill;y t exi/s "!1 "! is ev5 a /reet 9 ,villa ,rica call$ ,lake ,p>adise ,road4 ,) all due respect 6! civic pride ( ,villa ,rica's citiz5s1 "! is no?+1 or s x wd seem1 t wd m}it n,nal att5;n = ,villa ,rica1 ,georgia4 ,9 fact1 l ?|s&s ( o!r t9y t{ns1 ,villa ,rica miadise ,road1 a facil;y exi/$ : 0 s deplora# t x cd n 2 ignor$4 ,=tunately1 l>gely 2c (! activities ( ,,nagdu1 ? facil;y1 call$ ,can9e ,vi.n1 : pass$ xf (f z a legitimate guide dog s*ool1 is n{ clos$ d{n4 ,! ,can9e ,vi.n ,bo>d ( ,directors vot$ on ,octob} #b1 #bjjj1 64solve ! corpor,n & 6/rip xs ,f.d} & ,executive ,director1 ,s,y ,sue ,bradley1 ( h} corporate s1l1 h} corporate *eckbook1 h} corporate cr$it c>d1 h} corporate *>t}1 h} s1t on ! corporate ,bo>d1 & all o!r trapp+s ( corporate p{}4 ,af advice & guid.e f ,,nagdu1 ! ,can9e ,vi.n ,bo>d fur!r vot$ on ,octob} #ah1 #bjjj 6all{ ,s|?ea/}n ,guide ,dogs1 ,9c4 6acquire ! assets ( ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,,nagdu has be5 ask$ 0all "pies 7,mike ,s}g1nt1 ,executive ,director ( ,s|?ea/}n2 ! ,s|?ea/}n ,bo>d2 &! ,can9e ,vi.n ,bo>d7 6"picipate 9 negoti,ns a6ect+ ! transf} ( assets4 ,"! is "s b5efit1 9 t}ms ( lessons 6be le>n$1 = u 6pause1 9 ! afma? ( ,can9e ,vi.n1 & 6/udy exactly :at ! ,can9e ,vi.n program was1 & "u :at assump;ns x op}at$4 ,we ne$ al 63sid} ! foll{+ "qs3 7#a7 ,:at cd we 9 ,,nagdu h d"o di6}5tly1 ye>s 2f1 s t ? poor excuse =a guide dog s*ool cd h ei be5 re=m$ or clos$ d{n m* soon}1 ?us m9imiz+ ! dang} 6bl p8 7#b7 ,:at cd ! o!r guide dog s*ools h d"o di6}5tly8 ,&1 p}h mo/ important ( all3 7#c7 ,:at m/ 2 d"o 65sure t ano!r sub/&>d guide dog s*ool n"e sees ! lis1 ,can9e ,vi.n has1 ac 6,ms4 ,bradley1 pair$ #ah bl p ) dogs4 ,h{"e1 all ! records f #aiic to #aiif h my/}i|sly 4appe>$4 ,? 9cludes all ref};e 6,anita ,br{n & h} dog1 ,dakota4 ,!y h be5 expung$ f ! record1 z ?|< !y n"e exi/$4 ,ms4 ,br{n s}v$ on ! ,can9e ,vi.n ,bo>d f ! s*ool's 9cep;n until #aiig1 :5 %e f9,y resign$ 9 total 4gu/ & fru/r,n4 ,%e 0 ! s*ool's f/ graduate1 hav+ -plet$ tra9+ ) h} dog1 ,dakota1 9 #aiif4 ,,nagdu has 3tact ) s"eal (! graduates1 bo? active & 9active1 & we h -p>$ notes ) ,s|?ea/}n 6locate z _m active graduates & applicants z we c4 ,we h assi/$ ,s|?ea/}n 6develop a public s}vice ann|nce;t = radio & televi.n 6locate applicants or graduates1 %d ! records 2 9complete4 ,can9e ,vi.n's hi/ory 0 m>k$ 0m* turmoil1 uph1val1 & transi;n4 ,except = ,ms4 ,bradley h}f1 no s+le employee1 9clud+ tra9}s & k5nel /aff1 has "w$ "! s9ce ! s*ool's 2g9n+4 ,! same is true (! memb}s (! ,bo>d ( ,directors4 ,only two or ?ree (! #ad ,bo>d memb}s :o 7 eligi# 6vote on ,octob} #b & ,octob} #ah _h be5 on ! ,bo>d m ?an two or ?ree ye>s at mo/4 ,bo>d memb}s wd resign 9 fru/r,n1 & ,ms4 ,bradley wd j replace !m4 ,9 fact1 two weeks 2f (fici,y clos+ ,can9e ,vi.n1 ! ,bo>d vot$ 6fire ,ms4 ,bradley z ,executive ,director1 b 6all{ h} 6rema9 9 place z a vot+ memb} (! ,bo>d & 9 *>ge ( fund rais+ & public rel,ns4 ,af ? vote1 half ! ,bo>d resign$6 ,,nagdu _h 69t}v5e1 3v9ce ~! folks ( _! legal liabilities & _! responsibilities 6_! graduates1 & p}suade !m 6resc9d _! resign,ns & return 6! ,bo>d1 : !y all did4 ,ela9e ,smi?1 a ,can9e ,vi.n graduate1 al "w$ 63v9ce !m 6return 6! ,bo>d & resolve ? situ,n once &= all4 ,? 0 suppos$ 6be an ov}sid3 ov}see+ ! ov}all program 7?|< n1 ( c|rse1 ! "d-to-"d op},ns71 help+ 6raise funds1 & help+ 6det}m9e policy4 ,,nagdu ne$$ 6$ucate ? ,bo>d4 ,! ,bo>d memb}s actu,y ask$ u :at a guide dog is suppos$ 6d4 ,!y didn't "k t "! >e /&>ds t tra9}s at reputa# s*ools m/ meet 9 ord} 6pass _! appr5tice%ips4 ,h{"e1 6_! grt cr$it1 once we 2gan assi/+ !m1 !y ultimately /epp$ up 6! plate & vot$ 6all{ ,s|?ea/}n 6acquire ! assets ( ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,let's look at ! "uly+ assump;ns : gov}n$ ,can9e ,vi.n's program4 ,assump;n #a3 ,bl p >e afraid 6v5ture v f> f home4 ,dur+ all ( ,suzanne's teleph"o 3v}s,ns ) ,ms4 ,bradley1 %e rep1t$ly made /ate;ts s* z ! foll{+3 7#a7 8,|r ,georgia bl >e less sophi/icat$ ?an y >e40 7#b7 8,|r bl p >e afraid 6l1ve home40 7#c7 8,"! is no o!r s*ool t w take |r bl p f ,georgia40 ,note t ? la/ /ate;t got am5d$ & revis$ ov} subsequ5t teleph"o 3v}s,ns & meet+s4 ,future v}.ns wd be3 8,"! is no o!r guide dog s*ool 9 ! ,s|?10 8,nor!rn s*ools won't take p f ,georgia10 &1 8,:5 |r ,georgia bl g up nor?1 !y >e =c$ 6d subway "w & "w 9 all t sn{40 ,9t}e/+ly1 x is n t ,ms4 ,bradley didn't "k ab ! exi/;e ( ano!r ,s|!rn s*ool1 ,s|?ea/}n ,guide ,dogs 9 ,palmetto1 ,florida2 %e did4 ,9 fact1 %e rais$ puppies = ,s|?ea/}n prior 6f.d+ ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,%e _h ! idea t ,s|?ea/}n %d build a satellite s*ool 9 ,georgia1 ) h} at xs h1d1 & %e came1 un9vit$1 6_! ,bo>d 6propose ?4 ,( c|rse1 at t "t1 ,s|?ea/}n 0 xf new 5 s t x wasn't ! "r "t = !m 63sid} exp&+1 s !y turn$ h} d{n4 ,n"e 6be det}r$1 ,ms4 ,bradley _h ! e6ront}y 6dem& next t ,s|?ea/}n's ,bo>d give h} "s ( _! assets s %e cd />t h} {n 9dep5d5t s*ool 9 ,georgia4 ,( c|rse1 ,s|?ea/}n's ,bo>d reject$ ? reque/4 ,"!=e1 ? proves t ,ms4 ,bradley delib}ately misl$ h} ,bo>d 96?9k+ t bl p 9 ,georgia _h no alt}native b 6att5d ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,? assump;n ab ! fe> (! bl 6v5ture v f> f home surfac$ ag dur+ ! face-to-face meet+ ) ,ms4 ,bradley & two ( h} tra9}s1 ,de2ie ,bo"o & ,cat ,klass1 9 ,atlanta4 ,gigi & ,suzanne & ,$ & ,toni ,eames att5d$ t meet+4 ,we rep1t$ly ask$ ,ms4 ,bradley & h} /aff h{ ,can9e ,vi.n dogs 7 tau+ e> dog1 2c d1f p driv+ a c> ne$ 6be al}t$ 6! s.d ( em}g5cy vehicle sir5s6 ,f9,y1 ,ms4 ,bradley sd1 8,well1 ,i j drive l a crazy ,georgia driv}4 ,i try 6hit ! dog40 ,:5 |r wide-ey$ %ock at ? admis.n 2came app>5t1 %e !n 9=m$ u1 if y c 2lieve ?1 t tra6ic tra9+ 0 n re,y an issue4 ,:y1 y may ask8 ,ms4 ,bradley provid$ ! answ}3 8,|r graduates live 9 small t{ns10 %e sd4 8,all ! driv}s "k !m & /op = !m40 ,ms4 ,bradley fail$ 6m5;n t %e _h "s graduates 9 ,atlanta4 ,pond} t "o4 ,bl p >e n"e suppos$ 6d ! normal ?+s l g 6college or travel on vac,n or take jobs 9 big cities4 ,un=tunately1 we h all he>d ( self-fulfill+ prophecies4 ,mo/ ,can9e ,vi.n graduates1 9 fact1 travel al"o v ll1 if at all1 & ? 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"y1 ! old1 ! newly bl lack+ a positive philosophy1 self-confid;e1 & bl;s skills1 ! un9=m$ bl4 ,n"e m9d t %e told !m !y wdn't h 6l1ve home if !y w5t 6,can9e ,vi.n4 ,9 r1l;y1 ! major;y ( ,ms4 ,bradley's /ud5ts 7 9 no posi;n 6make an 9=m$ *oice4 ,we 7 told 0all ! s*ools t 3sum}s _h ! mo/ at /ake1 s we ne$$ 6take c>e (! pro#m4 ,s :at %d ! s*ools d di6}5tly8 ,f/1 !y %d recognize t an 9f}ior s*ool hurts ! public image ( guide dog t1ms & guide dog s*ools z a :ole4 ,second1 !y %d h be5 m* m vocal ab publicly 3demn+ & den|nc+ ! sub/&>d practices ( ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,!y %d h d"o ? "? _! profes.nal associ,n1 ! ,unit$ ,/ates ,c|ncil ( ,guide ,dog ,s*ools4 ,9 ! abs;e ( gov}n;t regul,n1 o!r 9du/ries regulate !mvs4 ,? "o ne$s 6d likewise4 7#c7 ,"q3 ,:at m/ 2 d"o s t ano!r sub/&>d guide dog s*ool n"e sees ! lid & $ucate !m4 ,make no mistake4 ,paws ,abilities w close1 &! soon} ! bett}1 2f x has a *.e 6tra9 ev5 "o bl p}son6 ,hav+ sd t1 x wd 2 nice if we didn't h 6keep putt+ | fires6 ,"h is ": we'd l yr su7es;ns4 ,3tact u ) yr ideas4 ,po/ !m 6|r li/4 ,br+ !m up at ,3v5;n4 ,h{ d y ?9k we %d /op sub/&>d s*ools f =m+1 once &= all8 ,%d we pu% = guide dog s*ool lic5s+ bills 9 e /ate1 simil> 6,cali=nia's1 ! way we >e pu%+ = ,brl bills8 ,%d we "w )! ,unit$ ,/ates ,c|ncil ( ,guide ,dog ,s*ools & propose 6!m t we help !m *ange _! bylaws or policies s t !y c take direct ac;n ag/ a sub/&>d s*ool1 :e!r x is a memb} (! ,c|ncil or n8 ,d y h any o!r ideas8 ,:at >e yr feel+s on ?8 ,we m/ n"e h ano!r rep1t (! trave/y t 0 ,can9e ,vi.n4 ,! 9=m,n we ga!r$ f graduates1 applicants1 family memb}s1 mobil;y 9/ructors1 rehabilit,n speciali/s1 =m} 3tributors 6! s*ool1 & puppy rais}s 0 he>tbr1k+4 ,! safety &! public image ( bl p dem& t "s?+ 2 d"o4 ,a ,nose = ,news 0,toni & ,$ ,eames ,x's gd 6be back do+ |r ,nose column = ,h>;s ,up4 ,|r c>e}s z lectur}s at vet}9>y s*ools & 3f};es has re,y tak5 (f6 ,"u ! sponsor%ip (! ,bay} ,corpor,n1 we h d"o pres5t,ns at all #bg ,am}ican vet}9>y colleges & e major vet}9>y 3f};e4 ,_m vet}9>ians d n "u/& ! specific "w d"o 0|r dogs & o3a.n,y prescribe m$ic,ns t 9t}f}e )a guide dog's abil;y 6/ay al}t & rema9 e6ective4 ,a rec5t adjunct 6|r pres5t,ns is a video sponsor$ 0,hills ,pet ,nutri;n graphic,y illu/rat+ ! "w d"o 0guide1 he>+ & s}vice dogs4 ,hav+ d"o ! circuit ( all ,unit$ ,/ates vet}9>y s*ools1 we decid$ 6spr1d |r w+s & tackle ! ,c>i21n4 ,|r adv5ture 2gan on ,m>* #bi1 #bjjj :5 we flew 6! ,we/ ,9dies isl& ( ,/4 ,kitts via ,dallas & ,san ,juan4 ,|r hotel1 ! ,frigate ,bay ,resort1 0 lovely &! ,canadian manag} 0 welcom+ ( u & |r ,gold5 ,retriev}s ,escort & ,e*o4 ,ross ,univ}s;y ,s*ool ( ,vet}9>y ,m$ic9e put a driv}1 ,patfield ,james1 at |r 4posal & x 0 grt n hav+ 6worry ab taxi a3ess pro#ms4 ,?urs"d we did two "d"t pres5t,ns at ,ross & _h "t 6socialize ) "s (! /ud5ts4 ,mike ,z>eski took u "u 8 w+ & 9clud$ u 9 upcom+ s*ool activities4 ,"o ( ~! 0 an aw>ds c}emony = /ud5ts l1v+ ! isl& 6-plete _! require;ts at vet}9>y t1*+ hospitals 9 ! ,unit$ ,/ates4 ,faculty memb} ,,dr4 ,*uck ,hut*ison r1d an >ticle 6! assem#d /ud5ts writt5 0,toni & publi%$ 9 ,*ick5 ,s|p =! ,cat & ,dog ,lov}'s ,s|l4 ,! >ticle1 8,a ,g5tle ,gdbye10 describes |r cat ,cameo's nurturant m9i/r,ns 6,toni & h} retir$ guide dog ,ivy on ! "d ,ivy 0 eu?aniz$4 ,at ! 5d (! r1d+1 ! audi;e 0 s mov$ !y respond$ )a spontane|s ov,n4 ,:5 travel+ 9t}n,n,y1 we 3tact local ,lions ,clubs 6assi/ u ) sirang$ = u 6cross ! h>bor on a c>go boat4 ,! h|r-l;g voyage f ,/4 ,kitts 6,nevis 0 sp5t amid/ crates ( ca2ages1 squa%es1 tomatoes & o!r produce4 ,! only o!r pass5g}s 7 ?ree local v5dors travel+ 6,nevis 6sell _! vegeta#s4 ,9dep5d5t bl p travel+ ) guide dogs 0 q a novelty 6!m4 ,"o (! wom51 ,katie1 0 fill$ ) curios;y4 ,! h|r sp$ 0z we $ucat$ h} &! o!rs ab ! capabilities ( bl p4 ,katie1 :o 0 "s:at fe>;l (! dogs1 grew relax$ 5 "u ,toni's tutelage 6pet ,escort4 ,we lun*$ at a ne>by re/aurant ) an excell5t bu6et selec;n4 ,eu/ace act$ z g-2t 6avoid a3ess d5ials ) ,escort & ,e*o4 ,af a bit ( local %opp+ 7"ey?+ 0 v exp5sive71 we h1d$ back =! f}ry dock ": we met two ,canadian c|ples4 ,"o ( !m help$ av}t a ne> 4a/}4 ,z ,toni & ,escort 7 ab 6/ep on ! boat f ! gangway1 a crew memb}1 try+ 6be help;l1 gra2$ ,toni's >m1 ?r{+ h} (f bal.e & caus+ ,escort 6beg9 fall+ 2t ! boat &! pi}4 ,"o (! ,canadian m5 react$ ) li;s & deposit+ hm 9 ! boat4 ,n r1liz+ he cd h be5 cru%$1 ,escort 0 calm & placid1 :ile ,toni rema9$ %ak5 =! rema9d} (! f}ry ride back 6,/4 ,kitts4 ,grate;lly1 ! ,canadian h}o escort$ ,toni (f ! boat1 avoid+ ano!r 9cid5t ": an ov}-solicit|s ,kittitian tri$ 6assi/ 0physic,y gra2+ "o ( u4 ,re/+ back 9 |r hotel room =a brief :ile1 we 7 (f ag 6d a pres5t,n =! ,/4 ,kitts ,lion ,club4 ,"o (! memb}s _h be5 on |r flid refus$ 6let u "? )! dogs4 ,%e 9si/$ we _h 6h special exit pap}s4 ,|r ,am}ican ,airl9es escort 0 z 3fus$ z we 7 0? refusal4 ,we ask$ =! gu>d's sup}visor1 :o seem$ equ,y reluctant 6let ! boys l1ve ! c.try4 ,=tunately1 ! ,am}ican ,airl9es repres5tative p}suad$ hm t we _h all -e 9 tgr ?ree "ds e>li} & |r dogs' h1l? c}tificates 7 9 ord}6 ,= 5try 96~! ,c>i21n isl&s1 ! only vet}9>y require;ts 7 pro( ( rec5t rabies va39,n &a h1l? c}tificate -plet$ 0|r local vet}9>ian & ,,fax$ 6! isl& vet}9>ian prior 6! visit4 ,we 7 met at ! ,gr5ada airport 0,/4 ,george's vet}9>y /ud5ts1 ,gl5n ,brigd5 & ,gret*5 ,kronsbe9d4 ,|r hotel1 ! ,true ,blue ,bay ,resort1 0 ! close/ ?+ 6p>adise imag9a#4 ,we _h a suite ( rooms )a l>ge patio ov}look+ ! ,c>i21n4 ,z we took turns sw++ 9 ! patio hammock1 we ?rill$ at ! s.d (! lapp+ waves alm directly "u u4 ,al? mo/ (! %ops 7 clos$ on ,sun"d1 ,gl5n & ,gret*5 took u 6a b1*side m>ket ": we /ock$ up on spice gifts = |r r1d}s & volunte}s4 ,$ 5c|rag$ fu4y du4y ,toni 6walk on ! s& & get h} feet wet4 ,s9ce ! b1* 0 relatively des}t$1 we let ! ,gold5 boys run free "u ! wat*;l eyes ( |r /ud5t ho/s4 ,:ile ,e*o roll$ 9 ! s&1 ,escort cavort$ 9 ! ,c>i21n4 ,dry+ (f qkly1 we return$ 6! hotel = |r next adv5ture1 a t|r ( ! ne>by ra9 =e/4 ,gl5n1 ,gret*5 & fell{ /ud5t ,ric>do ,ramirez want$ 6take u | 6d9n} af |r pres5t,n at ,/4 ,george's ,univ}s;y1 & we /um#d on |r mo/ fanta/ic cul9>y exp}i;e (! trip4 ,on |r way 6t{n1 !y spott$ a sign on a h|se proclaim+ 8,home ,cook+40 ,dur+ ! c|rse ( |r eat+ fr5zy1 we 7 (f}$ m ?an #bj di6}5t di%es s* z gre5 papaya 9 *eese1 /ir fri$ ra2it1 curri$ goat1 /ew$ 3*1 mutton1 beef /ew1 fri$ planta9s1 lob/} salad1 br1dfruit salad1 & s"eal o!r delis ! ,gold5 boys 7 ! f/ guide dogs on ,/4 ,kitts4 ,tues"d morn+ we 7 pack$ & r1dy = |r trip home1 :5 we rcvd a call f ,am}ican ,airl9es 9=m+ u |r fliant9e regul,ns1 s we cd n pass "? )! dogs4 ,9iti,y1 we 7 upset ) ! *ange 9 plans s9ce we _h a numb} ( appo9t;ts 9 ,fresno ! next "d4 ,if y h 6get /uck "splace1 h{"e1 an extra "d 9 p>adise at ,am}ican ,airl9es exp5se is n bad6 ,la/ w9t} we jo9$ ! ,,nagdu bo>d at ! ,n,nal ,c5t} 9 ,baltimore 64cuss ways 6exp& ! responsibilities (! ,can9e ,3c}ns ,-mittee4 ,we 9itiat$ ! ,,ccc 9 ,anaheim :5 we took on responsibil;y = sett+ up & ma9ta9+ ! guide dog relief >ea1 & 3t9u$ ? activ;y 9 ,new ,orl1ns1 ,dallas & ,atlanta4 ,m>c ,maur}1 ,m>y ,ell5 ,j}nigan1 ,diane ,mc,george1 ! ,,nagdu bo>d &! two ( u bra9/orm$ = two "ds ab new ways 9 : we cd make ! 3v5;n less /ress;l = guide dogs & _! "pn}s4 ,on ,june #bi1 |r 5t|rage ( #g ,fresno folks took (f =! #bjjj 3v5;n4 ,2ss ! two ( u1 ,de2ie ,prieto & h} mom ,delores ,del>osa1 famili> 6~? :o att5d$ ! la/ few 3v5;ns1 7 jo9$ ? ye> 0,de2ie's si/} ,l9da ,morgan 9 sett+ up & ma9ta9+ ! guide dog relief >1s4 ,fresno fr ,l9da ,haymond jo9$ ! gr|p 9 ord} 6take ov} sup}vi.n & organiz,n (! fanta/ic corps ( volunte}s recruit$ 6assi/ ,f$},ni/s4 ,|r sev5? memb}1 ,%irley ,h>p}1 is los+ h} vi.n & want$ 6le>n m ab bl;s issues4 ,dogs & wolves 5joy travel+ 9 packs1 & s did we6 ,x 0 a lot ( fun6 ,si/} ,paul9e ,qu9n1 |r ,dom9ican nun fr f ,ma9e1 0 |r f|r? relief "w}4 ,~? wom5 sure did "w h>d1 ) ?ree hotels & f|r relief >eas 6monitor4 ,z a result ( |r w9t} meet+1 s"eal new approa*es 7 explor$4 ,hav+ walkie-talkies ? ye> made -munic,n m* easi} & ,l9da ,haymond 0 9valua# 9 keep+ ?+s 9 ord} at ! volunte} ta#4 ,a p}5nial "q unansw}$ until ? ye> was1 8,h{ _m guide dog t1ms att5d |r annual 3v5;n80 ,9 ord} 6get an a3urate c.t1 we provid$ 5tice;ts 65c|rage p 6sign in4 ,,nagdu (f}$ a 4#be door prize1 ,nylab"o donat$ l>ge ,nylab"os z a4i;nal door prizes1 ,hills ,pet ,nutri;n provid$ bags ( yummy dog tr1ts & ,bay} suppli$ free ,advantage flea 3trol & decorative sc>ves4 ,~! -panies wd grtly appreciate yr recogni;n ( _! g5}os;y4 ,pl1se call ,jane ,frame ( ,nylab"o1 #hjj-fca-bahh1 ,dr4 ,*uck ,wayn} ( ,hills1 #hjj-bee-jddi & ,ka?y ,t"oy ( ,bay}1 #hjj-bee-feag4 ,a total ( #ic t1ms sign$ 9 f n9e di6}5t tra9+ programs4 #ha t1ms came f f|r programs1 ,! ,see+ ,eye1 ,guide ,dogs =! ,bl1 ,l1d} ,dogs & ,guid+ ,eyes =! ,bl4 ,n only 0 ? 3v5;n a grt exp}i;e =! human "picipants1 b 0 al 5joy$ 0|r can9e "pn}s4 ,we 2lieve ! pres;e (a volunte} ta# ) teleph"o a3ess1 walkie talkies &a h>d "w+ crew ( relief "w}s made ? 3v5;n a /ress free exp}i;e = ~? ( u "w+ ) guide dogs4 ,we wd l 6he> yr op9ion4 ,pl1se let ,suzanne "k :at y ?"| ab ! >range;ts = guide dogs at ! #bjjj 3v5;n4 ,salt ,lake ,c;y1 ,utah 0 ! site ( ? ye>'s ,am}ican ,vet}9>y ,m$ical ,associ,n 3f};e4 ,we h pass$ "? ? c;y _m "ts *ang+ planes1 b n"e _h ! *.e 6get 6"k ! c;y4 ,x 0 impressive1 cl1n & frly4 ,we _h ! opportun;y 6visit _m frs & meet new 3tacts4 ,! vet}9>y c|ple ,*uck & ,pra!r ,hu*ison1 :o ho/$ u at _! home on ,/4 ,kitts ,isl&1 jo9$ u = d9n} "o nii21n4 ,z usual1 ,e*o & ,escort rcvd lots ( att5;n & admir,n4 ,|r two pres5t,ns 7 on ! morn+ (! la/ 3f};e "d1 b we did get a respecta# audi;e4 ,back at ! ,salt ,lake ,airport1 we did a s5sitiv;y tra9+ ses.n = ,delta ,airl9es /aff4 ,at f/ x 0 di6icult gett+ ! gr|p motivat$ 6"picipate1 b :5 we 2gan ask+ !m "qs ab policies & proc$ures1 !y op5$ up &! ses.n ran ov}"t6 ,delta ,air ,l9es is ! only air c>ri} 6e/abli% a /aff posi;n d1l+ ) issues 3c}n+ pass5g}s ) 4abilities4 ,walt ,baer1 ,manag} ( ,3sum} ,advocacy = ,delta1 spoke at ? ye>'s ,,nagdu "w%op1 ": he |tl9$ ! prim>y ele;ts ( ,delta's |tr1* program4 ,a bro*ure on 4a#d pass5g} policies has be5 develop$ & is availa# 9 alt}native =mats4 ,6obta9 a copy1 3tact ,walt ,baer at #djd-gae-addj4 ,! ,heska ,corpor,n1 a vet}9>y ph>maceutical develop} & manufactur} 9 ,=t ,coll9s1 ,colorado1 has develop$ a program call$ ,"pn}s ,c>e4 ,? program 0 design$ 6help l{-9come guide1 he>+ & s}vice dog "pn}s fac$ ) hi< co/ vet}9>y c>e4 ,s"eal ,,nagdu memb}s h alr b5efit$ f ! ,heska grant4 ,! foll{+ 3di;ns h be5 e/abli%$3 #a4 ,! vet}9>ian ne$s 63tact ,heska at #hjj-,,g-heska or #hjj-dfd-cgeb4 #b4 ,! recomm5d$ tr1t;t m/ h a gd *.e ( re/or+ ! "w+ capabil;y (! dog4 #c4 ,! vet}9>ian m/ atte/ 6! cli5t's ne$ = f9ancial assi/.e4 #d4 ,! 4a#d p}son m/ 2 a memb} (! ,9t}n,nal ,associ,n ( ,assi/.e ,dog ,"pn}s1 a cross-disabil;y 3sum} advocacy organiz,n4 ,memb}%ip 9 ,,iaadp w n 3flict ) memb}%ip 9 ,,nagdu4 ,curr5t new memb} dues >e 4#ae4 ,s5d memb}%ip dues 6,jana ,kleps*1 #aacah ,si|x1 ,r$=d1 ,,mi #dhbci4 ,9dicate y >e "pn}$ ) a guide dog &! pref}r$ =mat 6rcv ! qu>t}ly newslr1 cassette1 pr9t or disc4 ,fur!r 9=m,n c 2 obta9$ f ! web site at www4iaadp4org4 ,toni & ,$ ,eames c 2 3tact$ at #ccgf ,nor? ,wi%on1 ,fresno1 ,,ca #icgjd-dhcb2 ,tel4 #eei-bbd-jedd2 e-mail e1mes@csufresno4$u4 7,$itor's note3 ,6my k1 ? is ! f/ "t |r m9utes h be5 publi%$ 9 ,h>;s ,up4 ,= ~? 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"w+ capabil;y (! dog c 2 re/or$1 !n ! {n} c 2 approv$ =a grant4 ,he gave 9=m,n ab ! ,newsreel ,club4 ,$ & ,toni ann|nc$ a ra6le ( #aj t-%irts donat$ 0! ,heska ,corpor,n 6be giv5 away at ! 5d (! meet+4 ,! secret>y1 ,eug5ia ,fir?1 r1d ! m9utes f ! previ|s meet+4 ,a mo;n 0 made & second$ 6approve ! m9utes z r1d4 ,priscilla ,f}ris r1d ! ,tr1sur}'s report4 ,la/ ye>'s 5d+ bal.e 0 4#hcj.ci4 ,af deposits & exp5ses 7 tak5 96a3.t1 we n{ h a bal.e ( 4#a1bgd.jf4 ,! divi.n is go+ 6donate 4#cjj 6! ,j}nigan ,fund4 ,priscilla told ab ! =ms s5t ) ,h>;s ,up ? spr+ &! 4tribu;n ( !m4 ,we got v few back4 ,a mo;n 0 made & second$ =! ,tr1sur}'s report 6be a3ept$4 ,presid5t ,:al5 gave a presid5tial update4 ,%e describ$ ! activities (! divi.n =! previ|s ye>4 ,%e expla9$ ! divi.n's advocacy ef=ts dur+ ! previ|s ye>4 ,! divi.n is try+ 6/>t ,,nagdu a6iliates 9 all /ates4 ,presid5t ,:al5 gave h} hotel room numb} & h} home a4ress 6! memb}s pres5t4 ,%e ask$ p 63tact h} 6help get ~! a6iliates />t$4 ,%e 4cuss$ ! possi# activities 9 ! upcom+ ye> s* z hav+ regional meet+s l ,,job sem9>s4 ,%e talk$ ab |r ,,li/s}v1 & ,pete ,donahue describ$ h{ 6sign up =! li/4 ,presid5t ,:al5 describ$ h} trip 6! ,,u ,c|ncil ( ,guide ,dogs ,s*ools meet+ t %e att5d$ at ,! ,see+ ,eye la/ ,m>*4 ,%e sd t we w n alw agree )! s*ools1 b 4agree;ts wd 2 d"o ) respect & profes.nalism4 ,next1 we talk$ ab collect+ recipes = |r cookbook 2+ -pil$ = fundrais+4 ,presid5t ,:al5 !n talk$ ab a7ressive dogs &! 9cid5ts at ! la/ 3v5;n4 ,! divi.n pres5t$ a policy 6! n,nal bo>d on a7res.n2 ! n,nal bo>d did n approve ! policy1 b ,dr4 ,maur} ask$ ,presid5t ,:al5 6a4ress ! bo>d at ! 3v5;n4 ,dr4 ,maur} ask$ ! divi.n 6br+ 6his att5;n pro#m dogs4 ,%e urg$ ! memb}s 6talk 6p ~: dogs >e hav+ a7res.n pro#ms 6f9d | if ! situ,n c 2 a4ress$ )|t fur!r m1sures4 ,%e ask$ memb}s 63tact ,,nagdu (fic}s )! situ,n if ne$ be4 ,if x happ5s twice1 ,dr4 ,maur} w 2 3tact$4 ,%e assur$ p t dogs j b>k+ "s is n ! issue4 ,! pro#m1 h{"e1 is dogs ~: 2havior is n 3troll$ & is a pro#m = o!rs4 ,next memb}s 7 ask$ 63tact ! (fic}s if !y ne$ 6be taula ,we/john f/ spoke on h} posi;n 3c}n+ abuse & abuse laws4 ,k>la sd t ! judicial process cd 2 us$ 6remove dogs f {n}s :o >e abusive or 2+ us$ 6assi/ 9 a crime4 ,presid5t ,:al5 ask$ :e!r ,k>la knew ( laws 9 o!r /ates 6protect guide dogs ag/ abuse 0o!rs4 ,%e sd ! abuse 6prop}ty is a me?od ( h&l+ t type ( situ,n4 ,9 ,ill9ois1 if y abuse a "w+ dog1 x is a felony4 ,mike ,j"os 0 next 6sp1k on ! panel4 ,he f/ ?ank$ ,$ & ,toni ,eames = _! ef=ts )! relief >1s4 ,he sd he 0 a victim ( abuse -pla9ts 0o!rs at 8 "wplace4 ,he sd t 8 employees made -pla9ts ag/ hm1 & t 8 s*ool did n h&le ! situ,n correctly4 ,he sd he ?"| t ! anonym;y (! -pla9ant %d n 2 protect$4 ,he al sd t ! s*ool %d adopt a full 4closure =! graduates ( any"o :o files -pla9ts )! s*ool ag/ !m4 ,he describ$ mock situ,ns ( h{ 6h&le abuse cases4 ,he al su7e/$ t nonpr(it ag5cies c 2 3troll$ 0writ+ 63tributors1 express+ 4satisfac;n )! policy4 ,re5ah ,blackwell spoke next on h} resolu;n4 ,s"eal /ates h pass$ laws 3c}n+ o!r p1 2ss ! {n}1 abus+ "w+ dogs4 ,re5ah r1d h} resolu;n4 ,! resolu;n propos$ t ! divi.n support ! passage ( laws l t pass$ 0,new ,mexico4 ,%e gave /ati/ics on h{ _m calls s*ools get on 9juries 6guide dogs caus$ 0o!r p4 ,af ! panel 0 pres5t$1 ,presid5t ,:al5 call$ ~u s*ools 6-;t on ! abuse issue4 ,lukas ,franck f ,! ,see+ ,eye sd t ,see+ ,eye doesn't keep /ati/ics on ~! -pla9ts4 ,pete ,nowicki f ,fidelco spoke ab ! abuse issue4 ,"qs 7 !n solicit$ f ! memb}%ip4 ,al1 ,presid5t ,:al5 ask$ p 6give _! op9ion ab ,re5ah's resolu;n4 ,pete ,donahue describ$ a case 9 ! eid$ 4#aj1jjj 2c (a dog's d1?2 ! judge 4all{$ x 2c he did n {n ! dog2 ! ,f$},n w5t back & got ? issue a4ress$4 ,tracy ,c>ci"o su7e/$ t s*ools put a seg;t 96! class tra9+ on h{ 6d1l ) fru/r,n 9 "w+ ) yr dog s9ce ! 3s5sus 0 t fru/r,n c l1d 6false abuse reports4 ,susan ,j"os su7e/$ t ! resolu;n 2 /r1ml9$ & pres5t$ next ye>4 ,june ,rose ,killian ask$ if y 7 f "o /ate1 & yr dog 7 attack$ 0"s"o f ano!r /ate1 h{ wd t 2 h&l$4 ,! issue (! gd & bad po9ts ( hav+ anonym;y = ~? report+ abuse cases 0 4cuss$4 ,! next topic 0 ! progress (! ,hawaii suit4 ,! suit 0 dropp$ 0! n,nal (fice4 ,x 0 felt we wd 2 app1l+ x 2f ! same judges t rul$ on ! suit ! f/ "t4 ,presid5t ,:al5 ask$ = p 6talk ab ways we cd br+ pressure on ! /ate ( ,hawaii 6resolve ? issue4 ,david ,l|x sd t he w5t 6,hawaii1 & _h a positive exp}i;e go+ "!4 ,he _h no pro#m 9 gett+ "? ! qu>ant9e process1 & he _h no pro#m ) a3ess 9 re/aurants4 ,he sd t z m p us$ ? process 6g1 ! /ate w !n relax ! rules2 ! /ate w f9d "! 6be few} pro#ms ?an !y ?"|4 ,he felt t ! /ate wd /op 5=c+ ! settle;t z rigor|sly4 ,presid5t ,:al5 talk$ ab ! ,help+ ,h&s program1 a program design$ 6help p d1l ) v>i|s issues1 s* retire;t1 d1?1 ! return+ (a dog1 & o!r s* issues4 ,rick ,fox is ! co-ord9ator (! program4 ,presid5t ,:al5 urg$ p 6sign up =! m5tor+ program4 ,tracy ,c>ci"o gave ,rick's ,e-mail a4ress4 ,next1 "s possi# projects & ?"|s =! upcom+ ye> 7 4cuss$4 ,3nie ,ryan ask$ :e!r ! divi.n cd />t an 9sur.e program = p 6buy h1l? 9sur.e = _! dog4 ,dana ,>d ask$ if ! divi.n cd 3sid} a "w%op on /ress manage;t 9 "w+ )a dog4 ,june ,rose sd t 9 "s /ates y >e requir$ 6h liabil;y 9sur.e 6h yr dog lic5s$2 ? 9cludes guide dogs2 x 0 agre$ t 9sur.e -panies' policies 3c}n+ dogs is a gr{+ pro#m4 ,kim ,samko1 :o "ws ) ,guide ,dogs =! ,bl assi/+ /ud5ts ) grief & /ress manage;t dur+ classes1 volunte}$ 6help )! /ress manage;t "w%op4 ,"s"o m5;n$ t ,guide ,dog ,us}s ,9c4 did /ress manage;t =! dogs at _! 3v5;n4 ,"s"o br"| up ! di6};es 9 h&l+ am;g guide dog us}s & h{ ~? di6};es cause pro#ms 9 rel,n%ips ) o!rs s* z employ}s4 ,o!r s}vice dogs &! di6};es 9 h{ !y >e h&l$ 7 briefly 4cuss$4 ,next1 ,pete ,donahue talk$ ab ! holi"d greet+ c>ds f ! s*ools4 ,he ?"| ! s*ools %d *ange ! greet+ c>ds 6%{ "w+ dogs 9/1d ( puppies4 ,next ,lukas ,franck describ$ 8 boo? ": he is go+ 6demon/rate auditory signals =! ,5viron;tal ,a3ess ,-mittee4 ,he ask$ memb}s 6-e 6! boo? & see ! signals4 ,david ,l|x made an ann|nce;t ab ,! ,see+ ,eye br1kfa/4 ,see+ ,eye graduates 7 urg$ 6,,rsvp = x4 ,! next issue 6be 4cuss$ 0 3tact 2t puppy rais}s & graduates4 ,pet} ,donahue f/ gave 8 ?"|s on ! 3tact issue4 ,he is 9 favor ( 3tact 2t graduates & puppy rais}s4 ,k>la ,we/john gave h} views on ? subject4 ,k>la express$ ! opposite view 6,pete's4 ,joan ,corbett f ,guide ,dogs =! ,bl spoke ab ! gradu,n c}emony &! 3tact policy ( ,guide ,dogs4 ,guide ,dogs has ! puppy's vet %>e 9=m,n ab ! puppy's m$ical hi/ory4 ,judy ,campbell spoke on ,l1d} ,dogs' policy on puppy rais} 3tact4 ,l1d} all{s graduates 6correspond ) puppy rais}s & give :at"e 9=m,n !y want4 ,puppy rais}s c 9clude _! 9=m,n if !y want al4 ,!y >e 9 ! process ( $ucat+ _! puppy rais}s z 6:5 !y %d tell ! graduate 63tact ! s*ool4 ,!y h _h "s pro#ms ) x al? n a lot4 ,david ,l|x pres5t$ ,! ,see+ ,eye's posi;n4 ,! ,see+ ,eye does n all{ 3tact 2t graduates & rais}s4 ,ra*el ,todd1 a puppy rais}1 gave h} po9t ( view4 ,%e sd t 3tact has1 =! mo/ "p1 be5 positive4 ,%e sd "! 7 ll details t 7 pass$ on 6! graduate ab ! puppy's hi/ory4 ,presid5t ,:al5 ask$ :e!r ! s*ools h a wait+ p}iod 2t gradu,n & 3tact4 ,s|?ea/}n has a wait+ p}iod ( "o ye> 2f graduates & puppy rais}s meet4 ,guide ,dogs1 ,l1d} ,dogs1 & ,guid+ ,eyes d n h a wait+ p}iod 2t gradu,n & meet+4 ,guid+ ,eyes provides ! "n & a4ress 9 ! packet giv5 6! graduat+ /ud5t4 ,next1 9 ! 9t}e/ ( "t1 x 0 vot$ 6h ! t-%irt ra6le at ,satur"d's meet+4 ,pete ,donahue talk$ ab ,h>;s ,up disks4 ,! ,9t}n,nal ,brl ,rese>* ,c5t} boo? has an onl9e depository ( electronic ,brl books4 ,h>;s ,up has al be5 put onl9e4 ,,nagdu is ! f/ divi.n 6(f} xs newslr 9 electronic =mat4 ,! meet+ adj|rn$ at #aj3ec ,,pm4 ,presid5tial ,report 0,suzanne ,:al5 ,! ye> 2t ! two ,atlanta 3v5;ns 0 a gd "o = u 9 ,,nagdu4 ,! ye> foll{+ |r la/ ,dallas 3v5;n _h be5 a "t ( build+3 build+ |r rel,n%ips )! s*ools1 build+ |r s5se ( purpose & direc;n z a divi.n1 build+ ~u |r ideas1 |r projects1 & |r dr1ms4 ,! ye> 2t ! two ,atlanta 3v5;ns 0 a "t = mov+ =w>d f ! f.d,ns we _h laid4 ,x 0 al a ye> = gr{?4 ,9 fact1 j 2f we met = |r #bjjj 3v5;n 9 ,atlanta1 ,miss ,rovig at ! ,n,nal ,c5t} =! ,bl told me t ,,nagdu &! ,d1f-bl ,divi.n >e n{ ! two fa/e/ gr{+ divi.ns )9 ! ,,nfb6 ,isn't t fanta/ic8 ,z grt z gr{? is1 x does br+ "s *all5ges4 ,! "o t -es 6m9d immly is regi/r,n = |r ,,nagdu meet+s4 ,we've n{ gr{n s big t ! way we've be5 do+ regi/r,n 9 previ|s ye>s j isn't "w+ v e6ici5tly anymore4 ,we're 3sid}+ "s modific,ns1 9clud+ a pre-regi/r,n sy/em simil> 6t : "s a6iliates d = /ate 3v5;ns4 ,if y h any ideas1 pl1se 3tact me at #idaa ,mixon ,drive1 ,a"p;t #abg1 ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbj2 teleph"o3 #bad-ceg-bhbi4 ,! ,bo>d & ,i w ha% | ? issue1 & ,i'll 2 9 t|* ) y s t "ey"o "ks ab any *anges 9 |r regi/r,n proc$ures l;g 2f |r 3v5;n 9 ,philadelphia4 ,z alw1 we 9 ,,nagdu 3t9ue 6d1l ) 4crim9,n :5 x happ5s4 ,z "o example ( ?+s t h -e |r way ? ye>1 ,f$},ni/s 9 ,miss|ri resolv$ an 9cid5t 9volv+ a ,r$ ,lob/} re/aurant4 ,a woman )a guide dog 0 tr1t$ v rudely 0re/aurant /aff & 0 s1t$ 9 a cold room1 a"p f o!r patrons4 ,we >e pl1s$ t :5 %e subsequ5tly return$ 6,r$ ,lob/} %e 0 tr1t$ )! same c|rtesy due any patron4 ,x is alw gratify+ :5 we c "w %|ld} 6%|ld} ) o!rs 9 |r move;t :5"e any issue a6ects bl p1 :e!r or n !y use guide dogs4 ,z mo/ ( y "k f hav+ att5d$ ! 3v5;n or f r1d+ ! ,spr+1 #bjjj1 ,h>;s ,up1 yr ,,nagdu ,bo>d ( ,directors w5t 6,baltimore =a meet+ at ! ,n,nal ,c5t} =! ,bl dur+ ! week5d ( ,febru>y #aa-ac4 ,pres5t at ? meet+ 7 ! 5tire ,,nagdu ,bo>d1 plus ,$ & ,toni ,eames1 ,diane ,mc,george1 ,dr4 ,maur}1 & ,mrs4 ,j}nigan4 ,y "k we "w$ 6=mulate policies ) respect 6appropriate /&>ds ( 3duct = guide dog t1ms at |r 3v5;ns4 ,~! policies 7 an attempt 6a4ress 3c}ns ! hotel _h rais$ ) ,dr4 ,maur} & ,mrs4 ,j}nigan4 ,l any?+ else t's 2+ tri$ =! f/ "t1 "! >e "s glit*es t ne$ 6be "w$ |1 & we w d x4 ,x is 5 6say "h1 ,i ?9k1 t #ii.iiiiiiii p}c5t ( u >e responsi#4 ,we don't l1ve |r dogs al"o1 :e!r !y >e crat$ or n1 9 |r hotel rooms4 ,we pick up af |r dogs4 ,,nagdu is try+ |r be/ 6help all ( u :o >e responsi# 0provid+ s}vices l dog sitt+1 ori5t,n walks "? ! hotels1 &a ,,nagdu ,,9=m,n ,ta#4 ,=! unbelievably small numb} ( p :o j don't c>e1 well1 we're try+ 6$ucate ~? folks 6! fact t _! 2havior is n welcome at |r 3v5;ns4 ,? policy may ne$ "s f9e tun+1 b x's ! f/ "t we've d"o "s?+ o!r ?an j -pla91 or actu,y1 li/5 6o!r p -pla91 ab ! piles ( poop "sbody /epp$ in1 etc4 ,pl1se tell me if "! 0 any?+ ab ! way we did ?+s or ! way ! hotel /aff 2hav$ t upset y4 ,pl1se al tell me :at yr su7es;ns & solu;ns >e & :at y lik$4 ,a few p h ask$ me :y ,i took a few m9utes at ! 2g9n+ ( ea* meet+ 6expla9 ! policies4 ,!y felt t !y 7 2+ lectur$ at :5 !y >e n 6blame4 ,t's a valid "q4 ,i did x 2c :5 ,i ask$ if "! 0 any"o :o didn't "k :at ,i 0 talk+ ab 3c}n+ *anges 9 policy1 s"eal p sd !y 7 unfamili> )! *anges4 ,my 9t5t is n"e 6lecture anybody1 b = p :o hav5't yet r1d ,h>;s ,up or ! ,monitor1 we ne$$ 6br+ !m up 6spe$4 ,?ank y 6~? p :o br"| ! 3c}n 6my att5;n4 ,"o o!r ?+ t came | ( t meet+ 0 t ,dr4 ,maur} wants /ories 0p us+ guide dogs =! ,,nfb',s ,k}nel ,books4 ,he wants ~! /ories 6be a3ompani$1 ": possi#1 0a picture (! guide dog t1m4 ,k}nel ,books1 = ~? :o don't "k1 >e ll books ! ,f$},n puts |1 usu,y publi%+ two a ye>1 )! purpose ( $ucat+ ! public ab bl;s4 ,$uc,n is a*iev$ "? /ories t d1l ) p's ord9>y1 "d 6"d exp}i;es z bl p4 ,"! has be5 a noticea# lack ( /ories ab exp}i;es 9volv+ guide dogs4 ,dr4 ,maur} wd l 6correct ? lack4 ,s get ~? pot5tial ,k}nel ,book /ories in4 ,mail 6,dr4 ,m>c ,maur}'s att5;n at ! ,n,nal ,c5t} =! ,bl1 #ahjj ,johnson ,/reet1 ,baltimore1 ,m>yl& #babcj4 ,n,nal ,associ,n ( ,guide ,dog ,us}s ,(fic}s ,presid5t3 ,suzanne ,:al5 ,a4ress3 #idaa ,mixon1 ,a"p;t #abg1 ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbj ,ph"o3 #bad-ceg-bhbi ,vice-,presid5t3 ,dana ,>d #cja ,bruce ,av5ue ,boise1 ,idaho #hcgab ,e-mail a4ress3 dana>d@,qwe/4net ,ph"o3 #bjh-cde-cijf ,tr1sur}3 ,priscilla ,f}ris ,a4ress3 #ee ,delaw>e ,av5ue1 ,"srset1 ,massa*usetts #jbgbf ,ph"o3 #ejh-fgc-jbah ,secret>y3 ,eug5ia ,fir? ,a4ress3 #ajai ,m>t9ique1 ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbc ,ph"o3 #bad-hbd-adij ,e-mail a4ress3 fir?g@prim5et4com

You can download this issue as an embosser-ready Grade II Braille file by selecting the link below:

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