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( y poor p :o live 9 "ps (! ,rocky ,m|nta9s & >e / wad+ "? sn{1 ! re/ ( u h surviv$ ano!r w9t} & >e well 96spr+4 ,hurray6 ,if y h n yet made yr res}v,ns 6be ) u 9 ,philadelphia1 may ,i su7e/ t y put "s hup-hup on x8 ,i don't "k h{ _m s*ools use ? t}m1 b at l1/ ,! ,see+ ,eye folks | "! w recognize ? z an urge 6hurry4 ,i am look+ =w>d 6see+ "ey"o4 ,we w once ag h a ,,nagdu 9=m,n ta#4 ,y >e welcome "! any "t4 ,we w h x /a6$ 0volunte}s & 0any & all ( |r {n memb}s :o wi% 6"w "!4 ,z 0 ! case la/ ye>1 if y /op 0! ,,nagdu ta# we w give y all k9ds ( goodies1 9clud+ a n1t sc>f & flea 3trol if y ne$ x4 ,back 0popul> dem&1 we w ag provide dog sitt+ = p :o ne$ ? s}vice dur+ t|r "d or =! banquet or o!r "ts z nec4 ,s"eal new p h jo9$ ,,nagdu s9ce la/ ye>'s 3v5;n4 ,welcome6 ,= yr b5efit & z a refre%} =! re/ ( u1 let me briefly re/ate a policy t ! ,,nagdu bo>d adopt$ la/ ye> ) ,dr4 ,maur}'s approval4 ,dogs may n 2 left al"o "u any circum/.es 9 hotel rooms4 ,? 9cludes 9 crates or on tie d{ns4 ,p h ask$ me :y x matt}s if _! dog is crat$ s9ce obvi|sly a crat$ dog _c de/roy prop}ty or h a3id5ts 9 ! room4 ,? is true1 b a crat$ dog t is f"r5$ c / b>k & cry & h{l & 4turb o!r gue/s4 ,fur!rmore1 ! ,f$},n has au?oriz$ ! hotel 6report 6u any rooms f.d 6h unatt5d$ dogs 9 !m4 ,! ,f$},n has al giv5 ! hotel p}mis.n n 6cl1n any rooms if ! h|sekeep+ /aff op5s ! door & f9ds an unatt5d$ dog4 ,we % try 6co-ord9ate ag )! s*ools ? ye> 6provide ori5t,n 6! 3v5;n hotels4 ,once ag1 ,i wd l 6?ank ! ,eameses 9 adv.e =! "w !y d at recruit+ volunte}s & pd /aff 6help ma9ta9 |r relief >1s4 ,z alw1 lets help 0do+ |r "p 0pick+ up4 ,|r busi;s meet+ ? ye> w 2 on ,sun"d1 ,july #a/ f #g to #aj ,,pm4 ,regi/r,n w 2 set up at #f ,,pm4 ,regi/r,n has gott5 bo7$ d{n 9 ! pa/4 ,we >e try+ two new ?+s ? ye> )! idea t "! w 2 no "o | 9 ! hall at #g ,,pm4 ,! f/ new ?+ is t y c pre-regi/} & avoid ! regi/r,n l9e alt4 ,pl1se d s if at all possi# 0writ+ 6,priscilla ,f}ris4 ,%e ne$s yr "n1 a4ress1 ph"o numb}1 :at =mat y wi% = ,h>;s ,up1 & yr dog's "n1 bre$1 & s*ool2 %e al ne$s yr 4#ae memb}%ip dues4 ,! second new ?+ we >e do+ is /r1ml9+ ! regi/r,n l9e xf4 ,we w 2 hav+ two l9es4 ,! f/ is = p ~: la/ "ns 2g9 ,a "? ;,m1 &! second = p ~: la/ "ns 2g9 ;,n "? ;,z4 ,9 ? way1 we hope 6spe$ ! process al;g4 ,pl1se d n miss |r ,sun"d ev5+ busi;s meet+4 ,two (! topics %d 2 ( special 9t}e/4 ,6put x mildly1 ,! ,guide ,horse ,f.d,n has sp>k$ m ?an a ll 9t}e/ am;g |r memb}s1 & we h 9vit$ xs director 6-e & 4cuss h} program ) u4 ,memb}s (! ,agricultural & ,eque/rian ,9t}e/ ,gr|p h be5 9vit$ & >e plann+ 6jo9 u = ? por;n ( |r meet+4 ,s -e prep>$ ) yr "qs4 ,! second topic1 : has cr1t$ q a /ir1 is tra9+ = bl p 9 :eel*airs :o wi% 63t9ue or />t us+ guide dogs4 ,_m ( y h be5 foll{+ ! 3t9u+ saga ( my exp}i;e ) my dog1 ,ca4o4 ,z y "k1 ,i orig9,y obta9$ ,ca4o f ,! ,see+ ,eye4 ,h{"e1 s"eal mon?s foll{+ my a3id5t1 ,s|?ea/}n ,guide ,dogs tra9$ ,ca4o 6guide me z ,i travel us+ a p{} :eel*air4 ,9 |r {n small way1 ,ca4o & ,i h made hi/ory4 ,we >e ! f/ guide dog t1m 6be graduates ( two s*ools at ! same "t1 & we >e n{ 5titl$ 6ask =& rcv foll{-up s}vices f bo? s*ools4 ,_m ( |r memb}s1 z well z o!rs1 h be5 v excit$ ab ! prospect ( two s*ools co-op}at+ 9 a major way l ?4 ,ca4o & ,i w 2 roll+ "? 3v5;n ? summ}1 & we >e v m* look+ =w>d 6x4 ,s _m p h express$ an 9t}e/ t ,i h 9vit$ ,s|?ea/}n 6make a pres5t,n on xs :eel*air program4 ,9 ! la/ fall ,h>;s ,up2 ,i promis$ an >ticle ab my exp}i;es prep>+ = class1 att5d+ class1 &! adju/;t p}iod at home4 ,h{"e1 2c ( _m factors1 9clud+ di6iculty ) "tly %ip;t 0! :eel*air manufactur}1 ,i 0 n a# 6att5d class 9 ,janu>y z ,i _h told y1 b 9/1d _h 6wait until ,m>*4 ,"!=e1 ,i w write a detail$ >ticle =! next fall ,h>;s ,up4 ,i w j say n{ t ,i h 2gun 6h "s su3ess;l trips 0myf at home 9 ,dallas4 ,x feels gd 6be a# 6g 6! /ore & g 6! libr>y ag1 = example4 ,~! >e ?+s ,i h n be5 a# 6d 9dep5d5tly = ov} a ye>4 ,back once ag 0popul> dem&1 is |r sem9>1 8,a ,guide ,dog ,9 ,yr ,life40 ,we w once ag h meet+s ge>$ 6pot5tial & exp}i;ed guide dog us}s al? p >e welcome 6att5d bo?4 ,! date & "t = ? sem9> is ,w$nes"d1 ,july #d? f #f to #aj ,,pm4 ,"o (! mo/ fasc9at+ pres5t}s (! ev5+ w 2 ,norm ,lev5?al4 ,he is assi/+ a guide dog s*ool 9 ,israel4 ,gigi & ,i h bo? spok5 at l5g? 6hm ov} ! ph"o1 & ,i ?9k y w f9d :at he has 6say ab "w+ )a guide dog 9 ,israel v 9t}e/+4 ,al1 z we did la/ ye>1 9/ructors f ! v>i|s s*ools w 2 availa# = ,juno walks dur+ ! sem9>s4 ,ca4o & ,i w see y all 9 ,philadelphia4 ,z presid5t ( ? divi.n1 x w feel re,y grt att5d+ 3v5;n ag )a dog6 ,i c't wait6 ,,$itor',s ,,notes ,0,eug5ia ,fir? ,9 ~! pages1 ,i hope y w le>n ab "s (! _m excit+ ?+s tak+ place 9 ! guide dog >5a4 ,6help u 9 ? le>n+ process1 ,i call ~u o!r guide dog s*ools 6submit >ticles = ,h>;s ,up ab any ( _! programs4 ,9 t way1 we c all 2 bett} 9=m$ :5 "qs >e rais$ 0pot5tial guide dog us}s4 ,~! >e "qs t ,i1 z ! secret>y ( ,,nagdu get all ! "t4 ,,guide ,,dogs ,,= ,! ,,d1f-bl ,0,}9 ,dunn1 ,l1d} ,dogs =! ,bl ,t5 ye>s ago1 ,l1d} ,dogs =! ,bl 2gan an (ficial program = s}v+ ! d1f / bl -mun;y4 ,al? p}sons ) bo? he>+ & visual impair;ts _h be5 t1m$ ) dog guides 2f1 ? 0 ! f/ "t a s*ool design$ a program specific,y = ? special ne$4 ,9 #aihe1 ,b>b>a ,dekay >riv$ at ,l1d} ,dog4 ,%e 0 flu5t 9 ,,asl 7,am}ican ,sign ,language7 & _h lip r1d+ abil;y4 ,ev5 ?|< ,l1d} ,dog _h n e/abli%$ xs =mal program at t "t1 ,b>b>a su3ess;lly tra9$ )a dog guide4 ,%e al h&$ a book 6an 9/ructor1 ,kei? ,mc,gregor1 & urg$ hm 6r1d & le>n4 ,! book 0 ab sign language4 ,al? x wd 2 a numb} ( ye>s 2f h} advice 0 tak51 ! nudge f ,b>b>a spoke volumes4 ,"! >e di6}5t 3di;ns t cause a p}son 6h bo? an audi# & visual impair;t4 ,"o situ,n is ! o3urr;e (a trauma4 ,"! c 2 mishaps caus+ bo? a loss ( he>+ & ( sie a6lict$ )1 is ,u%} ,syndrome4 ,"! >e ?ree types ( ,u%} ,syndrome1 ,type #a is diagnos$ :5 a p}son is born prof.dly d1f & ) ret9itis pig;tosa1 : usu,y re>s xf 9 e>ly *ildhood or te5s4 ,) symptoms s* z ~!1 _m (! 9dividuals ) ,type #a ,u%}s -municate ) ,,asl1 al? 2f ,,asl 0 ! -mon language1 "! 0 a lot ( f+} spell+ & lip r1d+6 ,b>b>a's message 6,kei? 0 simple-- le>n ~! basics 6bett} help yr /ud5ts & s}ve m (! -mun;y 9 ne$4 ,9 #aihi1 ,ka?le5 ,spe> graduat$ ) h} f/ ,l1d} ,dog4 ,%e 2came |r f/ graduate f ! program specific,y design$ =! d1f / bl -mun;y4 ,al? ! program 0 n fully develop$ at ! "t1 ,kei? _h he$$ ! advice ( ,b>b>a ,dekay4 ,kei? _h le>n$ sign language4 ,z "t w5t on1 al? we 7 a# 6(f} ~! a4i;nal s}vices1 x 2came evid5t t m $uc,n 0 ne$$ 6keep up )! dem&4 ,attempt+ 6ju7le 8 posi;n at ,l1d} ,dog1 home life1 classes1 & home"w1 ,kei? 0 /ret*$ too ?94 ,! deci.n 0 made 6put ! program on hold :ile ,kei? 3c5trat$ on s*ool4 ,af a ye> ( /udy & practice1 ,kei? _h a*iev$ flu5cy4 ,feel+ m 3fid5t 9 ,l1d} ,dog's abilities 6e6ectively s}ve ! d1f / bl -mun;y1 ! program resum$4 ,a ll m ?an t5 ye>s lat}1 ,l1d} ,dog has su3ess;lly mat*$ & graduat$ #da /ud5t / dog t1ms4 ,_m "ts :5 expla9+ ! program 6! g5}al public1 we >e ask$ h{ is x possi# 6-municate1 n only 9/ructor 6/ud5t1 b /ud5t 6dog8 ,!y >e puzzl$ z 6h{ y use sign language )a 8bl0 p}son4 ,? gives u a trem5d|s opportun;y 6$ucate1 n only on ! d1f / bl program1 b ab visual impair;ts 9 g5}al4 ,x all{s u ! op5+ we ne$ 6illu/rate ! di6};e 2t total & "pial bl;s4 ,9dividuals1 :o >e n expos$ 6p}sons )a visual 4abil;y1 h ll "u/&+ (! v>iety ( ?+s t c a6ect a p}son's vi.n4 ,)a numb} ( 41ses caus+ or 3tribut+ 6bl;s1 los+ vi.n on a gradual progres.n (t5 l1ves ! p}son ) usa# acu;y1 yet leg,y bl4 ,? c al 2 ! case :5 a trauma o3urs4 ,a /ud5t once told u1 2f rcvg _! dog1 !y 7 us+ _! cane 6travel 6_! bus /op4 ,once on ! bus1 a g5tleman fold$ 8 cane1 put on r1d+ glasses1 & pull$ | a newspap}4 ,he *uckl$ z he -municat$ ! looks ( 2wild};t he rcvd4 ,ano!r graduate travel+ ) 8 ,l1d} ,dog 5c.t}$ "s?+ simil> :5 9 a public place4 ,a man _h ask$ 6pet 8 dog & :5 8 reque/ 0 decl9$1 ! man proce$$ 6d s anyway4 ,he 0 v />tl$ :5 ! graduate a4ress$ hm & rep1t$ 8 reque/ =! man 6n 4tract 8 "w+ dog4 ,agitat$1 ! man grum#d1 8,y don't ne$ t dog4 ,y c see me40 ,=tunately1 ! ignor.e ( o!rs op5s ! door 6an $uc,nal opportun;y4 ,expla9+ ! di6};e 2t total & "pial bl;s br+s p "o /ep clos} 6"u/&+ div}s;y 9 society4 ,ev5 )9 ! visu,y impair$ -mun;y1 "! >e _m degrees ( siriv+ at ,l1d} ,dog :o is bo? he>+ & vi.n impair$ is a6lict$ ) ,u%}s ,type #a4 ,?us1 _m ( !m h rema9+ c5tral acu;y4 ,-munic,n 2t ,kei? &! 9dividual is d"o ) ,,asl4 ,he is c>e;l 6/ay )9 ! rema9+ visual field (! 9dividual4 ,if li+ cross an 9t}sec;n safely8 ,? is a -mon "q4 ,"! >e ?ree prim>y me?ods us$4 ,if ! p}son has "s sie two -mon alt}natives4 ,! f/ is 6play a 3t9u|s loop record+ )a tape play}4 ,! record+ 9dicates ! p}son is d1f & bl & ne$s "s"o 6tap !m :5 x is safe 6cross4 ,! second *oice is 6c>ry 9dex c>ds al}t+ o!r p$e/rians 6! same4 ,al? all |r l1d} dogs >e tra9$ us+ voice & h& -m&s1 ! dog 2+ prep>$ 6l1d a p}son :o is bo? d1f & bl "ks "s m9imal sign language4 ,? tra9$ guide m/ rely on h& signals z his/h} ma9 9dicator z ! direc;n ! p}son wants 6take4 ,! use ( signs = 8sit0 & 8/ay0 >e a few (! important -m&s t ! dog ne$s 6"k & recognize4 ,9 mo/ cases "! is n m* v}bal 9t}ac;n 2t ! /ud5t &! animal )9 ! "w+ 5viron;t4 ,:5 |r t1ms ( 9/ructors select ! dogs !y w tra9 =! f|r 6six mon? p}iod1 !y r>ely h _! class s*$ule t f> ah1d4 ,!y "w )a v>iety ( dogs s z ! class !y w 2 "w+ ) is =m$1 !y c mat* ne$s m specific,y4 ,! mat*+ (a dog )a /ud5t :o is bo? d1f & bl takes "s a4i;nal plann+4 ,kei? "ks :o 8 /ud5ts w 2 soon}4 ,! mat*+ is a ll m precise 2c (! a4i;nal 3sid},ns t m/ 2 att5d$ 6)! /ud5ts4 ,_m "ts he is h& pick+ ! dog 6be/ suit t "picul> 9dividual4 ,! major;y (! "t a p}sonal 9t}view has be5 3duct$ )! d1f/bl /ud5t prior 6_! >rival 6,l1d} ,dog4 ,? h&s on 9=m,n assi/s )a special assess;t ( ne$s4 ,al? all ! programs at ,l1d} ,dog >e valua# & excep;nal 9 _! makeup1 ! organiz,n is especi,y pr|d 6(f} ! d1f / bl program4 ,! special att5;n 6detail1 ! extra ef=ts put 9 0/aff & /ud5t make x "o (! mo/ rew>d+ "ps ( |r s*ool4 ,l1d} ,dogs =! ,bl w 3t9ue 6s}ve ! visu,y impair$ &! he>+/visu,y impair$ -mun;y = _m ye>s 6-e4 ,! s*ool is curr5tly 9 ! process ( exp&+ ? m* ne$$ program4 ,"o /ep tak5 9 t direc;n 0 ! a4i;n ( ,tracy ,s*umann 6|r /aff4 ,tracy is flu5t 9 ,,asl & has a degree 9 ,ori5t,n & ,mobil;y4 ,z ,tracy -pletes h} ?ree-ye> appr5tice%ip1 %e w "w ) /ud5ts "u ,kei?'s sup}vi.n4 ,ev5tu,y1 ) h} help1 ,l1d} ,dog w 9cr1se ! numb} ( /ud5ts t c 2 s}v$ ea* ye> 9 ? "o (a k9d program4 ,a ,nose = ,news ,0,toni & ,$ ,eames ,ag ? ye>1 plans >e "uway 6h ! be/ relief >ea = |r guide dogs4 ,! ,m>riott w h two boxes 9 an 5clos$ g>age on ! lo2y level1 a3ess$ f a door ne> ! 3ci}ge desk4 ,! relief >ea at ! ,m>riott ,c|rty>d acr ! /reet w 2 |tdoors1 b "u cov}4 ,de2ie1 ,delores & ,l9da w 2 back 6assi/ ) keep+ ! >ea cl1n1 b we >e all dep5d+ on "ey"o 6pick up af |r dogs & relieve hm or h} on a regul> basis4 ,imag9e h{ y wd feel if yr hotel room did n h a ba?room & y _h 6wait = "s nice p}son 6rememb} 6(f} ! use ( h}s8 ,|r dogs des}ve extra 3sid},n = _! relief ne$s1 too4 ,la/ ye> 9 ,atlanta1 we exp}i;ed grt su3ess ) |r volunte} ,,nagdu ta#4 ,if any"o ne$$ help1 volunte}s 7 j a ph"o call away4 ,? ye> 9 ,philadelphia1 we w h a simil> >range;t )a ta# ne> ! ho/ a6iliate ta# =! f/ few "ds1 !n |tside ! ballroom =! latt} "p (! 3v5;n4 ,we wd appreciate yr sign+ in1 at ! ta# s ,,nagdu has an idea ( h{ _m dogs >e pres5t4 ,? 5a#s u 6plan = future 3v5;ns4 ,? sign up %d n 2 3fus$ ) ,,nagdu regi/r,n 2f ! s*$ul$ meet+s4 ,= ~? sign+ up1 we h lots ( goodies = y & yr dog4 ,bay} has ag g5}|sly donat$ gre5 sc>ves 65h.e ! b1uty ( |r dogs & ,,advantage 6keep |r dogs flea free4 ,o!r -panies h 3tribut$ fabul|s items we c all use4 ,9 a4i;n1 ,,nagdu ,presid5t ,suzanne ,:al5 has ann|nc$ t a 4#ej ra6le prize w 2 drawn f ! sign-up c>ds4 ,philadelphia has a top not* vet}9>y s*ool t1*+ hospital & fees >e 4c.t$ = guide dogs4 ,? facil;y is op5 #bd h|rs a "d & is locat$ at #chej ,spruce ,/41 tel4 #bae-hih- #dfhj4 ,s9ce |r la/ column1 we h 3t9u$ |r wayf>+ ways4 ,9 ,octob} 9 3junc;n )! pres5t,ns we 7 s*$ul$ 6d = ,delta ,airl9e /aff at ,la,gu>dia & ,k5n$y ,airports1 we tr1t$ guide dog relief *ief ,de2ie 6a trip 6,new ,york ,c;y4 ,we /ay$ 9 a hotel "r 9 ! he>t ( ?+s1 ,broadway & #df? ,/reet4 ,am;g |r t|ri/ activities 7 a ,circle ,l9e boat t|r >.d ,manhattan &! ,broadway revival ( ,annie ,get yr ,gun1 />r+ ,*}yl ,ladd4 ,x 0 a fanta/ic produc;n4 ,?urs"d morn+1 we 7 9 ! audi;e (! ,montel ,williams 7"d"t talk %{7 program4 ,! topic 0 ,,dna te/+ 9 crim9al cases4 ,2f ! %{1 ,montel came ov} 6meet ! dogs & su7e/$ we write hm a lr ab assi/.e dog issues4 ,"o (! gue/s 0 a #da-ye>-old black man :o sp5t #af ye>s 9 prison claim+ 8 9noc;e4 ,,dna evid;e f9,y cle>$ hm (! rape *>ge4 ,x is s easy 6get >.d 9 ,manhattan-- gd public transport,n1 *1p taxis & wide sidewalks4 ,:ile ,de2ie 0 fasc9at$ 0! ?r;gs ( p 3/antly on ! move1 ,toni 0 ov}:elm$ 0! noise & cr{ds4 ,af lun*+ )! $itorial /aff (! ,am}ican ,k5nel ,club ,gazette1 we took ! subway 6,c"oy ,isl&1 ,brooklyn1 fam|s = xs amuse;t p>k4 ,al? alr exhau/$ f walk+ e>li} 9 ! "d1 we /roll$ al;g ! bo>dwalk1 quiet & relatively empty at ? "t ( ye>4 ,we met ,brooklyn frs1 ,paulette ,noss5 & guide dog ,major1 ,bo2y ,fe9/e9 & guide dog ,h>ley & ,h{ie ,f9k & guide dog ,kram} = d9n} 9 a ,*9ese re/aurant4 ,we 7 s* an animat$ gr|p1 "ey"o 9 ! re/aurant knew we 7 old frs6 ,we wi% |r ,cali=nia ,*9ese re/aurants wd le>n 6make ,new ,york /yle egg rolls6 ,we>y f ! "d's activities1 we took a taxi back 6! hotel &! driv} act$ z t|r guide = ,de2ie4 ,%e saw ! ,brooklyn ,bridge &! ,/atue ( ,lib}ty all lit up4 ,toni w5t /rai*+ = b>ga9s on ,broadway4 ,!y b"| a few s|v5irs & f.d sw1t} sell+ = 4#b ea*6 ,! week5d 0 sp5t ) frs on ,l;g ,isl&4 ,we relax$1 ,new ,york delicacies & 5joy$ /imulat+ 3v}s,n4 ,! trip 0 capp$ (f :5 ,delta ag upgrad$ u on ! way home 6,fresno6 ,e mon? at ,fresno ,c;y ,hall1 ,d|g ,jackson1 a ,fire ,de"p;t adm9i/rator1 sits 9 on |r ,,ada ,advisory ,-mittee meet+s4 ,:5 he le>n$ _m bl -mittee memb}s _h n"e be5 6a fire h|se1 he >rang$ a h&s-on t|r ( ,fire ,h|se #c4 ,on ,novemb} #i1 five ,f$},ni/s 7 giv5 ! royal t|r 0memb}s (! fire h|se /aff4 ,$ 0 4appo9t$ :5 !y wd n let hm slide d{n ! fire pole6 ,all ( u 7 a# 6exam9e ! fire trucks1 ) _! _m gauges1 la4}s1 hoses1 ,jaws ( ,life1 axes1 etc4 ,we took turns hav+ |r pictures tak5 9 ! driv}'s s1t (! fire 5g9e4 ,! h1vy clo?+ worn 0! fire fi x dur+ |r #ajj plus degree summ} "ds4 ,we 7 pl1s$ 6le>n h{ _m wom5 h 2come "p (! fire fie a tribute 6! private tra9+ !y h put on !m4 ,?urs"d 0 a "w "d6 ,|r corporate sponsor ,bay} s5t a lim|s9e 6|r hotel 6drive u back 6,bay} h1dqu>t}s1 ": we did a lun*eon pres5t,n4 ,ano!r limo took u 6,kansas ,/ate ,univ}s;y vet}9>y s*ool1 two h|rs away4 ,? elegant mode ( transport,n c 2come a4ictive6 ,associate ,d1n ,ronnie ,elmore1 :o has sat 9 on m ( |r pres5t,ns ?an any"o else we "k1 >rang$ =! d1n & #bj o!r faculty memb}s 6jo9 ! /ud5ts 9 ! audi;e4 ,ronnie & 8 wife ,c>ol drove u back 6,kansas ,c;y )a d9n} /op 9 ,topeka4 ,ronnie is _w-ren{n$ z a l1d+ exp}t on presid5tial pets & ,c>ol is a l1d+ exp}t on antique quilts1 especi,y ~? depict+ ,,fdr','s ,scottie ,fallah4 ,fri"d ! #ag? 0 ! 2g9n+ (! "w%ops =! ,cat & ,dog ,writ}s 3f};e4 ,p>allel+ la/ ye>1 we br"| ) u m ?an #cj doz5 cookies f |r fr ,m>%a's bak}y4 ,d|g-,| cookies has 2come "o ( ,fresno's premium products1 & ,d|g-,| cookies >e 2+ 4tribut$ z f> away z ,4neyl& 9 ,anaheim & >e 2+ 5joy$ on "o ( |r local airl9es go+ 6,las ,vegas4 ,prior 6! 3f};e1 we rcvd s"eal e-mails ask+ if we wd 2 br++ cookies ag ? ye>4 ,"? ,m>%a's g5}os;y we 7 a# 6provide a sug> fix =! #hj 3f};e "picipants6 ,af ! ,satur"d morn+ ses.ns1 ,/4 ,l|is frs ,m>k & ,pe7y ,holly1 jo9$ u = |r afn excur.n 6! cat %{ ": ,toni 0 a# 6h&le a v>iety ( pure-br$ cats4 ,once ag1 |r guides ,escort & ,e*o 7 ! tok5 dogs am;g ! #acjj cats 2+ exhibit$4 ,t ev5+ at ! ,cat ,writ}s ,associ,n banquet1 we 7 4appo9t$ :5 |r >ticle1 8,a ,g5tle ,gdbye10 : appe>$ 9 ,*ick5 ,s|p =! ,cat & ,dog ,lov}'s ,s|l1 did n w9 ! top aw>d4 ,two "ds af ,?anksgiv+1 we ho/$ a pizza "py = #dj frs4 ,we pd = ? extravaganza ) m"oy rcvd f a -pet+ pizza re/aurant4 ,dici3o's a3id5t,y pr9t$ |r ph"o numb}1 "o digit away f _!s1 9 a c|pon ad caus+ u 6be delug$ ) ph"o calls4 ,! {n}1 ,5rico1 refus$ 6a3ept responsibil;y = mak+ |r lives less ?an tranquil4 ,m>%a's husb& ,d|g came 6|r rescue6 ,he us$ 8 lawy}ly skill 6obta9 a settle;t f ! adv}tis+ firm : actu,y -mitt$ ! go(4 ,z 8 -mis.n1 ,d|g a3ept$ a d9n} tr1t on u at a ,dici3o's re/aurant4 ,)! a4i;nal settle;t m"oy we decid$ 6ab&on ,dici3o's & hold a victory celebr,n at a -pet+ pizza place1 ,pizza ,pit4 ,= #dj ( u1 a v>iety ( pizzas1 br1d /icks1 fri$ mozz>ella1 soda & be} 0 a grt way ( sp5d+ t ,satur"d afn4 ,am;g |r gue/s 7 five guide dogs4 ,ne$.s 6say1 ,/an1 ! ,pizza ,pit {n}1 0 delis1 & bo? h} *n & gr&*n h be5 puppy rais}s4 ,ab #ajj ( ,eve's frs & at l1/ #bj dogs ga!r$ 6celebrate ? grt o3a.n at ! ,pizza ,pit4 ,|r mon? ( travel 5d$ )a qk trip 6,burbank4 ,de2ie drove u ! ?ree-&-a-half h|rs s t ,$ cd att5d ! ,,nfb ,/ate bo>d meet+4 ,:ile ,$ & o!r memb}s (! bo>d tackl$ mid wom5 _h a "d &a half %opp+ spree6 ,news 9 ! guide dog _w ,guide ,dog ,f.d,n ann|nc$ ! build+ (a new dormitory4 ,? home away f home w f1ture s+le rooms ) teleph"os1 an ex}cise room &a -put} c5t}4 ,guid+ ,eyes has ann|nc$ ! op5+ (a new ,:ite ,pla9s l|nge4 ,john ,byfield1 pione} (! 9novative in-commun;y tra9+ program at ,fidelco1 ann|nc$ 8 retire;t z ,tra9+ ,manag}4 ,! guide dog move;t w n 2 los+ 8 exp}tise s9ce he w 3t9ue at ,fidelco z a regional 3sultant4 ,pete ,newicki has assum$ ! po/ ( ,tra9+ ,manag}4 ,s"eal /ate laws h rec5tly be5 5act$ -p5sat+ guide dog "pn}s if _! dogs >e h>ass$ or 9jur$ 0a p}son or 0ano!r dog4 ,am;g ~! >e ,new ,york1 ,massa*usetts1 ,utah & ,wa%+ton4 ,wd y 2lieve8 ,until rec5tly1 ,massa*usetts _h a law requir+ muzzl+ ( guide dogs ~u reque/ ( busi;s {n}s6 ,e>li} ? ye> ? >*aic law 0 rep1l$4 ,toni & ,$ ,eames c 2 3tact$ at #ccgf ,nor? ,wi%on1 ,fresno1 ,,ca #icgjd-dhcb2 ,tel4 #eei - #bbd-jedd2 e-mail e1mes@csufresno4$u4 ago4 ,i am a report} at ! ,=t ,wor? ,/>-,telegram1 & ,bates & ,i 7 j ab 6l1ve ! (fice :5 "s"o /opp$ u say+1 8x looks too bad | "!40 ,we immly w5t 6! newspap}'s base;t z ! twi/}s /ruck a block f |r build+4 ,we wait$ "! until ! /orm pass$4 ,!n1 x 0 back 6"w6 ,no1 "! is no re/ = report}s6 ,bates 0 a troop}1 z he n"e -pla9$ ev5 :5 he miss$ 8 d9n} & cdn't g | to 8p>k0 2c brok5 glass litt}$ ! sidewalks4 ,,we >riv$ home late t nids4 ,al? ,bates wasn't afraid or n}v|s dur+ or af ! /orm1 o!r pro#ms 7 build+ 9side ( hm t didn't -e 6li :ile ,i 9t}view$ home{n}s :o lo/ "ey?+4 ,!n1 ! week5d foll{+ ! /orm1 ,i notic$ f"r5+ *anges4 ,bates quit eat+1 & he lay 9 my hallway cov}+ 8 eyes ) 8 paws4 ,:5 ,i took hm 6! vet}9>ian1 ! doctor sd ,bates probably _h debris 9 8 eyes 2c ! tornado du/ _h bits ( glass1 fib}glass & o!r h>m;l "picles4 ,i !n took ,bates 6a ,dallas oph?almologi/ :o sd %e cdn't' f9d any sign ( debris1 b x cd h wa%$ away4 ,! oph?almology visits 3t9u$ until ,augu/ j 6assure u t ,bates 0 all "r4 ,! eye sc>e 0 n ! only hurdle we fac$ af ! tornado4 ,|r r|t9e ( tak+ ! bus 6& f "w & walk+ at lun*"t 0 %att}$4 ,! (fice 0 9tact1 b mo/ d{nt{n /reets & sidewalks 7 b>ricad$1 & buses 7 n all{$ 9 6mo/ ( d{nt{n = s"eal weeks4 ,"! 7 _m /range sid$-up build+s & block$ /reets4 ,bates did n %{ |tw>d signs ( /ress until ab a mon? af ! /orm1 ,i 0 go+ 6"w1 & ,bates refus$ 6budge4 ,x 0 all ,i cd d 6take ! l1% & heel hm d{n ! sidewalk :ile us+ my cane 9 my "r h& :5 ,i 3tact$ ! ,see+ ,eye ,i le>n$ t ,bates 0 su6}+ f cumulative /ress4 ,my 9/ructors told me 6pet hm & %{ hm lots ( a6ec;n4 ,b !y al sd 2 firm b 6make hm g ) me ev5 if x m1nt heel+ hm4 ,af ab ?ree weeks1 ?+s return$ 6normal4 ,& my happy-g-lucky gold5 ,retriev} 0 r1dy 6"w ag4 ,if y & yr dog >e 9 a sev}e /orm :e!r 9side or |tside a build+1 ,i've le>n$ t x is crucial 6obs}ve h{ ! dog acts4 ,yr dog mie ( |r preci|s dog guides1 & !y w 2 "! = u4 ,? column appe>$ 9 ! ,may #bjja issue ( ,dog ,_w4 ,h} "n is pron|nc$ l ,eye%a4 ,aye%a ,0,toni & ,$ ,eames ,s"eal mon?s ago we "picipat$ 9 a fund rais+ walk = br1/ c.er survivors4 ,z "o ( ~? honor$1 ,toni 0 giv5 royal tr1t;t-- pres5t$ )a special t-%irt & cap1 tr1t$ 6br1kfa/ & ) h} si/} survivors ac"kl$ge 0! assem#d cr{d ( walk}s4 ,z %e & o!r survivors held h&s & li/5$ 6! ~ws ( an impas.n$ s;g writt5 = !m1 ,toni's ?"|s turn$ 6a less recogniz$ gr|p ( survivors-- wom5 ) 4abilities :o em}g$ victori|s af ov}com+ 9cr$i# ob/acles4 ,aye%a ,v}non immly came 6m9d z "o ( ,toni's true h}oes4 ,aye%a f/ came 6|r att5;n five ye>s ago :5 %e 0 f1tur$ 9 ! ,unit$ ,k9gdom's ,guide ,dogs =! ,bl ,associ,n 7,,gdba7 newslr1 ,=w>d4 ,9trigu$ 0? brief a3.t ( h} life1 we immly 3tact$ h} &a lively correspond;e 5su$4 ,9 ,june #bjjj ,aye%a visit$ u 9 ,cali=nia1 h} f/ trip 6! ,unit$ ,/ates1 on h} way 6,*icago1 ": %e 0 pres5t+ a pap} at ! ,society = ,4abil;y ,/udies annual 3f};e4 ,:at a l;g way %e _h -e1 bo? 9 4t.e & 9 a*ieve;ts6 ,born 9 a village 9 ,9dia 9 #aife1 ,aye%a 0 nurtur$ 0a l>ge & 9dulg5t ,muslim family4 ,at ! age ( f|r %e 3tract$ m5+itis1 & m$ic9e us$ 6tr1t ! 41se result$ 9 bl;s4 ,h} "f divorc$ h} "m1 &1 foll{+ local tradi;n1 reta9$ cu/ody (! *n4 ,h{"e1 af obta9+ employ;t |tside ( ,9dia1 ,aye%a's re>+ 0 turn$ ov} 6h} "f's "f4 ,=! next decade1 ,aye%a l$ an isolat$ & lonely exi/;e1 n p}mitt$ 6g 6s*ool )! o!r *n4 ,z %e told u1 8,mo/ ( my life 0 sp5t 9side my h1d4 ,i daydr1m$ & imag9$ a v di6}5t life4 ,my only div}.n 0 :5 "o (! wom5 (! h|sehold w5t 6visit neiriagea#4 ,s9ce m>riage 0 3sid}$ ! only a3epta# life/yle *oice (a prop}ly re>$ ,muslim girl1 9 h} /ep-"m's view1 ,aye%a 0 use.s4 ,all ? *ang$ dra/ic,y :5 h} "f return$ 6! village & ann|nc$ he 0 migrat+ 6,5gl& & 0 tak+ ,aye%a ) hm4 ,9 #aigi at ! age ( #ad1 ,aye%a >riv$ 9 ,5gl& ) h} "f1 /ep-"m & si/}4 ,briti% au?orities 7 appall$ on le>n+ ? "y immigrant _h rcvd no =mal $uc,n4 ,!y 7 ab 65roll h} 9 a s*ool =! bl :5 x 0 4cov}$ %e _h tub}culosis4 ,9/1d ( go+ 6s*ool1 b$ re/ at home & drug !rapies 7 prescrib$4 ,aye%a's $uc,n 2gan 9 e>ne/ :5 an it9}ant t1*} 2gan s*ool+ h} at home4 ,9 a4i;n 6le>n+ ,5gli% & o!r academic subjects1 ,aye%a set | 63qu} ,brl 9 ord} 6become a truly lit}ate bl p}son4 ,h} flu5cy 9 ,brl is n{ mat*$ 0h} ma/}y ( ,briti% ,5gli%4 ,9 _m ways %e rem9ds u ( ,liza ,doolittle1 ! h}o9e (! musical1 ,my ,fair ,lady4 ,h{"e1 unlike ,liza1 mo/ ( ,aye%a's trans=m,n is bas$ on h} 9n} drive r ?an ! impact (a s+le t1*}4 ,progress+ "? s*ool at ! spe$ (a ,greyh.d1 %e obta9$ h} college degree n9e ye>s af f/ 2+ 9troduc$ 6! alphabet6 ,? brilliant woman :o wd h langui%$ back 9 h} native c.try1 w5t on 6-plete a ,ph4,d4 & is n{ employ$ z a univ}s;y lectur}4 ,x 0 dur+ h} graduate "w t ,aye%a f/ 3templat$ "pn}+ )a guide dog4 ,husb& ,ralph1 a dog lov}1 urg$ h} 6take ? /ep4 ,ralph 0 -mut+ 6,london & away mo/ (! week1 s ! idea t a dog wd provide secur;y & -panion%ip 0 5tic+4 ,al? a -pet5t cane us}1 ,aye%a 2gan ?9k+ ab a guide dog z a bett} aid 9 gett+ >.d4 ,2f mak+ any -mit;ts1 ,aye%a travel$ 6,london 63sult a hie ritu,y uncl1n1 is bas$ on ,9dian ,muslim culture & n "p (! religion4 ,hav+ cle>$ ! religi|s hurdle1 ,aye%a 3tact$ ,,gdba & 4cuss$ h} dilemma4 ,a guide dog seem$ a bett} m1ns ( mobil;y1 b %e fe>$ dogs z a result ( an 9cid5t 9 ,9dia :5 %e 0 bitt5 & _h 6g "? a s}ies ( anti-rabies %ots4 ,despite ! ,imam's 9t}pret,n1 %e knew h} ,muslim family wd h di6iculty a3ept+ h} deci.n4 ,h{"e1 %e 0 alr e/rang$ f ! family 0n hav+ an >rang$ m>riage & *oos+ h} {n non-,9dian sp|se4 ,2f -mitt+ 6! f|r-week tra9+ c|rse1 ,aye%a att5d$ an assess;t week5d 6evaluate h} abil;y 6"w e6ectively )a guide dog4 ,a -pet5t cane us} & fa/ walk}1 %e 0 tot,y 5raptur$ 0! a4i;nal spe$ ) : %e cd move )a dog4 8,x 0 l fly+60 ,bas$ on ? exp}i;e1 ,aye%a 5t}$ a tra9+ class s"eal mon?s lat} & 0 mat*$ )a dog "nd ,we/a1 a "y & /r;g m9d$ ,gold5 ,retriev}4 ,despite le>n+ 6fe$ & groom ,we/a1 %e woke ea* ni t ,we/a mit 6h} new guide4 ,we/a took advantage ( ,aye%a's timid;y & h} guide "w det}iorat$4 ,id5tify+ ) ,we/a's /r;g w & 9dep5d;e1 ,aye%a 0 4tress$ :5 ! tra9+ /aff su7e/$ %e 2 mat*$ ) ano!r can9e "pn}4 ,:5 ?ree-ye>-old yell{ ,labrador ,l9dy 0 br"| in1 ,aye%a's he>t w5t | 6h}4 ,? dog 0 ov}weiallel 2t !m l1d 6an 9/ant bond+4 ,s5sitive 6,aye%a's ne$s1 ,l9dy "w$ flaw.sly f ! v f/ walk tgr4 ,al? woman & dog func;n$ z a smoo? t1m1 ,aye%a 9iti,y ?"| (! ,labrador exclusively z a mobil;y tool4 ,x took s"eal ye>s 2f %e 0 a# 6?9k ( ,l9dy z a valu$ memb} ( h} family4 ,on return+ 6"w af -ple;n ( tra9+ at ,,gdba1 a :ole new set ( pro#ms await$ ,aye%a4 ,employ$ z an advocate = ,asians 4crim9at$ ag/ 9 h|s+ & employ;t1 %e felt ev5 m ( an |tsid} f h} e?nic -mun;y4 ,) ,l9dy ly+ "u h} desk1 _m cli5ts1 ) _! cultural anti-dog bias1 7 uncom=ta#4 ,m 4turb+ 0 ! reac;n ( "ms w>n+ _! *n 6get away f ! dog1 z ! t1m walk$ "? ,asian neirage ( a3ess d5ials 9 recre,n & 5t}ta9;t 2c ( "pn}%ip )a guide dog1 turn$ ,aye%a 96an advocate4 ,h} academic "w 9 sociology focus$ on ! societal pro#ms ( wom5 ) 4abilities1 "picul>ly e?nic m9or;y wom51 b n{ %e 0 mov+ t{>d a new level ( p}sonal activism & 9volve;t bas$ on life exp}i;e4 ,:5 a hotel 9 ,sc>bor|< refus$ 6a3ept h} res}v,n on le>n+ %e _h a guide dog1 ,aye%a w5t 6! newspap}s & publiciz$ ? act ( 4crim9,n4 ,9 ano!r 9cid5t 9 h} home t{n ( ,pet}bor|<1 ,aye%a & ,l9dy 7 turn$ away 0a ,muslim re/aurant {n}4 ,support$ 0a 4abil;y "rs gr|p1 ,direct ,ac;n ,net"w 7,,dan71 ,aye%a & #ce o!r 4a#d p ga!r$ =a prote/ |tside ! re/aurant4 ,:ile s"eal prote/ors h& cu6$ !mvs 6! front doors1 ! re/ ate a picnic d9n} & help$ block ! 5tr.e4 ,mo/ patrons1 >riv+ =a ,satur"d nili} ?an usual4 ,hav+ a*iev$ su3ess 9 $uc,n1 employ;t & advocacy1 ,aye%a 0 fac$ )a he>t wr5*+ deci.n4 ,af sev5 ye>s ( su3ess;l "pn}%ip1 ,l9dy 0 sl{+ d{n & %{+ signs ( >?ritis4 ,9 #aiig ,aye%a made ! deci.n 6retire ,l9dy & retra9$ )a su3essor dog1 ,gold5 ,retriev} ,giles4 ,9 _m ways1 ,giles rem9d$ ,aye%a ( ,we/a1 b 0n{ %e _h ma/}$ "s (! skills ne$$ 63v}t a "y /r;g-will$ dog 96an e6ective & ob$i5t guide dog4 ,bo? ,toni & ,que5 ,elizabe? agree ,aye%a ov}came 9cr$i# o4s 6become ! 9dep5d5t well-$ucat$1 >ticulate 4abil;y & e?nic spokesp}son %e is td4 ,on ,decemb} #e1 #bjjj1 ,aye%a1 ) #adj o!r |t/&+ ,britons 7 ac"kl$g$ 0! que5 at ,buck+ham ,palace4 ,? #ce-ye>-old immigrant f a =m} ,briti% colony 0 2/{$ )! honorific ,,mbe1 ,memb} (! ,briti% ,empire6 ,toni & ,$ ,eames c 2 3tact$ at #ccgf ,nor? ,wi%on1 ,fresno1 ,,ca #icgjd-dhcb2 ,tel4 #eei - #bbd-jedd2 e-mail e1mes@csufresno4$u4ticle appe>$ 9 ,july1 #bjja ,dog ,_w4 ,tok5 ,dogs ,0,toni & ,$ ,eames ,z we made |r way 6! exit door (! ,b>tle ,hall ,3v5;n ,c5t} 9 ,kansas ,c;y1 a woman approa*$ "q+ |r "r 6be "!4 ,we 7 cauge ,gold5 ,retriev}s em}g+ f an exhibit hall full ( cats4 ,! woman's "qs tum#d | 9 a ru%4 8,h{ did !y get in80 ,h{ did ! cats react80 8,h{ did ! dogs 2have80 ,"k+ h} 9t}e/ 0 s9c}e1 we sp5t s"eal m9utes 9 explan,n4 ,|r ,gold5s1 ,escort & ,e*o1 >5't j any memb}s (! can9e corps1 !y >e |r guides4 ,0law1 !y h ! "r 6a3ompany u 96all places ( public a3ommod,n4 ,b a cat %{8 ,>e "! no limits8 ,once we wd h agre$ t att5d+ a cat %{ a3ompani$ 0|r guide dogs 0 "o s* limit4 ,h{"e1 ?ree ye>s ago we att5d$ |r f/ annual 3f};e (! ,cat ,writ}s ,associ,n4 ,t ye>'s 3f};e 9 ,anaheim1 ,cali=nia1 z alw1 0 held 9 3junc;n )! ,cat ,fanci}s ,associ,n 9t}n,nal cat %{4 ,2liev+ ! pres;e ( |r dogs wd 2 4ruptive 6! m ?an #a1jjj cats 2+ exhibit$1 !y 7 left 9 |r hotel room :ile a fr guid$ u 6! 3v5;n c5t}4 ,? 0 n a major 9conv5i;e1 s9ce ! exhibit hall 0 next door 6! hotel4 ,! foll{+ ye> :5 ,,cwa & ,,cfa met 9 ,atlanta1 ,georgia1 l1v+ ! dogs wd h be5 m pro#matic4 ,! exhibit hall 0 a 3sid}a# 4t.e f ! hotel1 & x wd h be5 uncom=ta# 6rely on ! guid+ s}vices (a si+ |r 3c}ns ) ,mi*ael ,brim1 ,,cfa','s presid5t1 we 7 pl1santly surpris$ 0his response4 ,( c|rse ! dogs wd 2 welcome4 ,af all1 ~! vet}an %{ cats 7 a3u/om$ 6travel+ & 5c.t}+ all sorts ( situ,ns4 ,if ! dogs ma9ta9$ _! usual profes.nal dem1nor1 ! cats wd n h a pro#m4 ,on |r >rival at ! %{1 ,mi*ael ann|nc$ ov} ! public a4ress sy/em t two guide dogs 7 pres5t4 ,we p}us$ ! v5d+ >ea1 a4+ lots ( cat m}*&ise 6|r alr volum9|s collec;n4 ,pref}r+ 6be guid$ 0|r dogs at all "ts1 we h tra9$ !m 6foll{ a designat$ p}son4 ,on ? o3a.n1 ! designat$ p}son 0 ,hel5e ,gdman1 a fr liv+ 9 ! ,atlanta >ea4 ,z we /roll$ al;g1 ,hel5e describ$ ! m}*&ise1 /opp+ at |r reque/ =a h&s-on exp}i;e4 ,! dogs rema9$ at a ,,sit ,,/ay1 :ile we exam9$ jewelry1 /u6$ animals1 sw1t %irts & cat toys4 ,2+ new 6! cat %{ _w1 we foll{$ ,hel5e 6! judg+ >ea ": %e describ$ :at 0 happ5+ 9 ! r+s4 ,:ile we *att$1 ! dogs rema9$ at a ,,d{n ,,/ay "u |r s1ts4 ,return+ 6! hotel1 we cd h>dly wait 6%>e ? pl1sura# exp}i;e ) fell{ ,,cwa memb}s4 ,! dogs 7 well-rcvd &! cats 7 unimpress$6 ,hav+ su3ess;lly 9tegrat$ |r dogs 96! cat %{ sc5e 9 ,atlanta1 we look$ =w>d 6rep1t+ ! exp}i;e 9 ,kansas ,c;y ! foll{+ ye>4 ,? "t1 h{"e1 we want$ 6exp& |r h&s-on exp}i;e f cat m}*&ise 6! v>i|s bre$s ( cats 2+ %{n4 ,:5 volunte} r1d}s r1d ! bre$ profiles 6u1 !y try 6describe ! pictures4 ,if a picture is wor? a ?|s& ~ws 6a p}son ) sirival at ! hotel1 we ran 96,kitty ,diet}i*1 a bre$} :o 0 9trigu$ 0|r desire 6cu4le & c>ess a v>iety ( cats4 ,%e told u %e wd 2 happy 69troduce u 6h} cats & >range = frs 6d ! same4 ,? ye> |r escorts 6! %{ hall & exhibit >ea 7 ,peg & ,m>k ,holly1 a delis e>li} on a trip 6,s|? ,africa4 ,! ,hollys flew 9 f _! home 9 ,/4 ,l|is 6sp5d ! morn+ ) u4 ,l ,hel5e 9 ,atlanta1 ! _w ( cat %{s 0 a -pletely new exp}i;e = !m4 ,af a leisurely br1kfa/ 9 |r hotel1 ! dogs foll{$ !m ! two blocks 6,b>tle ,hall4 ,5t}+ a room fill$ ) m ?an #a1jjj cats 0 n{ old hat = ,escort & ,e*o4 ,delims z we ran |r f+}s "? ! l;g silky fur & t5d}ly explor$ ! 3t|rs ( h} face4 ,s9ce ,kizzy1 |r ,siamese1 does n meet %{ /&>ds1 we m>vel$ at ! l;g1 sleek feel (a blue ri2on ,siamese4 ,s9ce |r family cats av}age #aj p.ds ea*1 ! hefty ,ma9e ,coon made q an impres.n on u4 ,(! _m cats we h&l$ t afn1 ! ,turki% ,van 0 ! only fel9e :o react$ 6,escort & ,e*o4 ,cr|*+ on top ( 8 cage1 he -municat$ 6! ,gold5 boys he 0 a cat 6be reckon$ )4 ,dur+ ~! tactile explor,ns1 ! dogs 7 z 49t}e/$ 9 ! live exhibits z !y 7 :5 we t|*$ ! plu% c.t}"ps at ! v5d+ boo?s4 ,) |r fill ( fel9e feelies1 we foll{$ ,m>k & ,pe7y 6! exit door ( ,b>tle ,hall ": we 5c.t}$ ! skeptical patron4 ,h} 9quiries 7 r|s$ 0an 9cid5t at a cat %{ %e presid$ ov} 9 h} home t{n4 ,%e describ$ a situ,n 9 : a physic,y 4a#d woman 5t}$ ! %{ hall ) h} unruly s}vice dog4 ,! poorly-behav$ dog b>k$1 :9$ & lung$ at s"eal (! %{ cats4 ,f bo? h} t"o & ~ws1 x 0 app>5t ! 9cid5t / rankl$4 ,~u 2+ ask$ 6l1ve ! >ea1 ! 4a#d woman /at$ t f$}al law gu>ante$ h} "r 6be "! ) h} s}vice dog & %e wd file a c|rt case4 ,al? ! ,am}icans ) ,4abilities ,act gu>antees ! 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"r is set aside if ! dog ?r1t5s ! abil;y (! public a3ommod,n 6deliv} xs s}vices or fulfill xs mis.n4 ,s9ce ! goal (a cat %{ is 6provide ! opportun;y = cats 6be exhibit$ )|t fe> ( h>m1 a lung+ b>k+ dog wd 9t}f}e ) t purpose4 ,"!=e1 we r1ssur$ ! %{ director %e _h tak5 ! prop} c|rse ( ac;n4 ,toni & ,$ ,eames c 2 3tact$ at #ccgf ,nor? ,wi%on1 ,fresno1 ,,ca #icgjd-dhcb2 ,tel4 #eei - #bbd-jedd2 e-mail e1mes@csufresno4$u4 ,biographical ,sket* ,toni ,eames ,m4,s4 & ,$ ,eames ,ph4,d41 ,adjunct ,professors ( ,sociology at ,cali=nia ,/ate ,univ}s;y1 ,fresno1 travel & live ) ,gold5 ,retriev} guide dogs1 ,escort & ,e*o & cats1 ,bonanza1 ,kismet1 ,cali & ,nifty4 ,!y publi% 9 _m animal & 4abil;y-relat$ magaz9es4 ,bay} ,animal ,h1l? is curr5tly sponsor+ _! lectures at vet}9>y s*ools & 3f};es4 ,bo? >e memb}s (! ,cat ,writ}s ,associ,n4 ,!y h co- au?or$ ,a ,guide 6,guide ,dog ,s*ools & 8,"pn}s 9 ,9dep5d;e3 ,a ,su3ess ,/ory ( ,dogs &! ,4a#d0 7,h{ell ,book ,h|se1 ,new ,york1 #aiig74 ,~! books >e availa# f ! au?ors = 4#aj & 4#ab respectively4 ,$itor's ,note3 ,z secret>y (! divi.n & z $itor ( ? public,n1 ,i decid$ t x wd 2 help;l 6pr9t |r la/ m9utes4 ,|r ag5da =! busi;s meet+ promises 6be full4 ,9 ! 9t}e/ ( "t1 ! memb}s cd decide 6ei a3ept or correct ~! m9utes z publi%$4 ,,divi.n ,,m9utes1 ,july #b1 #bjjj ,! meet+ op5$ at #g3ae ,,pm4 ,ann|nce;ts 7 made4 ,presid5t1 ,suzanne ,:al51 ask$ if p 7 9t}e/$ 9 rcvg ,h>;s ,up 9 ,brl4 ,! vote pass$ 2c p want$ ,brl ,h>;s ,up copies4 ,presid5t ,:al5 ask$ =a c.t ( ~? :o want$ dog sitt}s =! banquet4 ,five p sd !y did4 ,we wd 2 a# 6provide sitt}s = ~? t ne$$ !m4 ,"o p}son want$ a dog sitt} =! ,f|r? ( ,july4 ,! presid5t !n ask$ p if !y _h r1d 9 ! ,brl ,monitor ab |r new policies 3c}n+ ! h&l+ ( dogs at ! 3v5;n4 ,%e briefly expla9$ :y ! policies 7 2gun & ab |r meet+ 9 ,baltimore la/ ,febru>y4 ,! presid5t !n gave p ! numb} =! ,,nagdu 9=m,n desk4 ,"o (! s}vices provid$ at ! 9=m,n desk 0 ! 4p5s+ ( flea 3trol m$ic,n4 ,%e 4cuss$ ! proc$ures = flea 3trol4 ,%e !n talk$ ab ! proc$ures = {n}s :o refuse 6cl1n up af _! dogs4 ,~! proc$ures 7 approv$ at ! meet+ at ! ,n,nal ,c5t} =! ,bl dur+ ! previ|sly m5;n$ ,febru>y meet+4 ,next1 %e 4cuss$ ! s*ools do+ ori5t,n t|rs4 ,%e gave ! "t = ~? t|rs & urg$ memb}s 6take advantage ( !m4 ,toni ,eames 4cuss$ ! procure;t ( volunte}s &! proc$ures = memb}s gett+ a3ess 6!m4 ,~! volunte}s 7 availa# at ! 9=m,n desk 9 ! hotel's lo2y4 ,we >e hav+ a ra6le =a 4#ej prize draw+4 ,:5 a "n is drawn1 ! w9n} 0 6get a 4#ej ca% prize plus ,nyla b"o prizes2 w9n}s m/ pick up ! prize 6w94 ,!n ! cl1n up "w}s 9troduc$ !mvs4 ,baer is |r sponsor = ? & ,hills ,pet ,nutri;n has giv5 u lots ( dog tr1ts4 ,next we talk$ ab ! ,,nfb ,capital ,campaign4 ,betsy ,zab}oski & ,jim ,gashell talk$ ab ! ,capital ,campaign4 ,dana ,>d ask$ :e!r "! 7 plans 6build a guide dog relief >ea =! new ,capital ,campaign build+4 ,paul ,kay made a mo;n t we 3tribute 4#a1jjj 6! ,capital ,campaign ea* ye> =! next five ye>s4 ,! mo;n 0 second$4 ,"! 0 4cus.n4 ,"s p want$ 6give only 6! capital campaign if a relief >ea = dogs 0 gu>ante$1 & o!rs want$ 6give only if x 0 made 96a provi.n4 ,x 0 4cuss$ h{ v>i|s divi.ns h&l$ don,ns 6! ,capital ,campaign4 ,paul ,kay )drew 8 mo;n4 ,po/c>ds 7 h&$ | =! ,capital ,campaign4 ,we 4cuss$ airport secur;y proc$ures = guide dogs4 ,delta ,airl9es has a ,manag} ( ,3sum} ,advocacy4 ,walt ,baer & ,walt ,sutton spoke 6! divi.n ab airport secur;y4 ,walt ,sutton r1d ! po/} design$ 0,! ,see+ ,eye 4 ,"s p object$ 6! way ! po/} 0 ~w$4 ,"qs 7 tak54 ,suzanne ,:al5 ask$ if ! ,,nfb cd 2 repres5t$ on ! airport secur;y bo>d4 ,! presid5t made a mo;n t "qs 2 clos$4 ,! mo;n 0 second$ & pass$4 ,2c ( tim+ 3/ra9ts & 2c (! noise level next door1 x 0 approv$ t ! m9utes 2 pres5t$ 9 ,h>;s ,up 9 ! next issue4 ,! presid5t al 4p5s$ )! r1d+ (! presid5tial report =! same r1son4 ,priscilla ,f}ris1 ! tr1sur}1 gave h} report4 ,we n{ h an 5d+ bal.e ( 4#ahea.ge4 ,a mo;n 0 made & a3ept$ 6a3ept ! ,tr1sur}'s report z r1d4 ,! mo;n pass$4 ,next1 we _h elec;n ( (fic}s4 ,suzanne ,:al5 0 elect$ z ,presid5t ) no opposi;n4 ,dana ,>d 0 elect$ z ,vice-presid5t1 ?|< ,$ ,eames' "n 0 plac$ 9 nom9,n2 ,$ decl9$ ! nom9,n4 ,eug5ia ,fir? 0 elect$ z secret>y4 ,"! 7 no o!r nom9,ns = secret>y4 ,priscilla ,f}ris 0 elect$ z ,tr1sur}2 "! 7 no o!r nom9,ns = tr1sur}4 ,x 0 decid$ 6ask ! s*ools 6po/p"o giv+ _! updates4 ,! presid5t 9troduc$ ! s*ool repres5tatives4 ,! ,see+ ,eye *ose 6give _! update at ? "t 9/1d ( wait+ until ,w$nes"d nid has 4cuss$ do+ ?4 ,l>isa ,s*>ik9 al talk$ ab giv+ ,s|?ea/}n's update4 ,next we 4cuss$ fund rais+ activities4 ,suzanne 4cuss$ ! ra6le (! b1nie baby donat$ 0,! ,see+ ,eye4 ,susan ,j"os su7e/$ t we 3sid} sell+ clo!s bru%es4 ,next ,eug5ia ,fir? describ$ h{ 6get on ! ,,nagdu li/4 ,suzanne ,:al5 describ$ ! abuse laws1 & laws design$ 6protect guide dog t1ms f 9t}f};e 0o!rs4 ,%e ask$ = memb}s 63tact h} ) 9=m,n ab ! 9dividual laws 9 _! /ates4 ,! "q 0 ask$ h{ p cd rese>* s* laws2 ,k>la ,we/john su7e/$ 3tact+ ! b> associ,ns1 a law libr>y1 &! attorney g5}al's (fice = ? 9=m,n4 ,elizabe? ,campbell su7e/$ t we m.t an 9=m,nal campaign 6let ! animal 3trol p "k if "! is a law 9 t /ate4 ,suzanne ,:al5 4cuss$ ! pro#m ) pet deposits = guide dogs4 ,k>la ,we/john 4cuss$ h} rese>* on ? subject4 ,! /ate laws1 9 g5}al1 give guide dogs bett} protec;n4 ,! up%ot 0 t ~? dogs ) gd tra9+ wd rcv protec;n :ile ~? )|t gd tra9+ wd n4 ,h{"e1 ~! cases 5d$ up 9 litig,n4 ,"qs & -;ts 7 tak54 ,dana ,>d su7e/$ t ,k>la write up h} 9=m,n 9 ,h>;s ,up4 ,paul ,gabias pres5t 9=m,n on ,necan1 a -pany he "ws =4 ,! -pany makes products = dogs1 cats1 & horses4 ,! ,,nfb w 2 gett+ "p (! pr(it4 ,"qs 7 tak54 ,pete ,donahue made a mo;n t we e/abli% |r {n ,_wwide ,website4 ,pete po9t$ | ! advantages ( hav+ s* a site4 ,he sd we cd d m ) s* a website4 ,! mo;n 0 second$4 ,"! 0 4cus.n ( sett+ ? up4 ,pete is volunte}+ 6set x up4 ,eug5ia ask$ h{ m* mod},n wd 2 ne$$ & p}sonnel 6update x4 ,suzanne ask$ ,pete 6rese>* ? issue & report 6! bo>d4 ,pete agre$ 6)draw ! mo;n4 ,h{"e1 he 0 ask$ 6repres5t ? issue lat}1 once m rese>* _h be5 d"o4 ,br5t ,reynolds su7e/$1 h{"e1 t we add ? website 6! ,,nfbnet4 ,x 0 mov$ & second$ t ! meet+ 2 adj|rn$4 ,! meet+ adj|rn$ at ab #aj3cj ,,pm4 ,respect;lly ,submitt$ ,eug5ia ,fir?1 ,secret>y ,n,nal ,associ,n ( ,guide ,dog ,us}s ,(fic}s ,presid5t3 ,suzanne ,:al5 ,a4ress3 #idaa ,mixon1 ,a"p;t #abg ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbj ,ph"o3 #bad-ceg-bhbi ,vice-,presid5t3 ,dana ,>d ,a4ress3 #cja ,bruce ,av5ue ,boise1 ,idaho #hcgab ,e-mail ,a4ress3 dana>d@,qwe/4net ,ph"o3 #bjh-cde-cijf ,tr1sur}3 ,priscilla ,f}ris ,a4ress3 #ee ,delaw>e ,av5ue ,"srset1 ,massa*usetts #jbgbf ,ph"o3 #ejh-fgc-jbah ,e-mail ,a4ress3 nfbmass@e>?l9k4com ,secret>y3 ,eug5ia ,fir? ,a4ress3 #ajai ,m>t9ique1 ,dallas1 ,texas #gebbc ,ph"o3 #bad-hbd-adij ,e-mail ,a4ress3 fir?g@m9dspr+4com #be

You can download this issue as an embosser-ready Grade II Braille volume by selecting the link below:

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