NAGDU Advocacy

NAGDU Advocacy

The National Association of Guide Dog Users is offering advocacy resources as they relate to guide dog users.


NAGDU acknowledges that guide dog users continue facing discrimination by Rideshare drivers when traveling with their guide dogs. When you or someone you are traveling with experience a denial by a Rideshare driver, there are three things that should be done. First, you should file a complaint with the Rideshare company, giving them as many details as possible about the ride in question and the denial. Second, visit the Rideshare Discrimination Survey that the National Federation of the Blind developed. Third, file a complaint with the Department of Justice, giving them as many details as possible about the Rideshare denial.


According to the Air Carrier Access Act, (ACAA), you may or may not be required to fill out an attestation form from the Department of Transportation when flying with your guide dog. While the official form can be downloaded directly from the DOT, airlines will often offer their own versions of this form using their own letterhead. Because some airlines require you to email them the form, others require you to upload it to their website, and others still, ask you to bring the printed form with you, there are too many variables. Therefore, we are gathering information about blind people's experiences flying with their guide dogs. We are also   gathering information about blind people's access to technology for reading, filling out, and printing the PDF attestation forms. The information gathered from this survey will guide and support our efforts to petition the U.S. Department of Transportation for a change to the rules for flying with a guide dog. Filling out the survey should not take more than ten minutes. Follow this link to fill out the survey.